Febuary 15 Week on the Road
Feb 21st, 2010 by ron

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We had a huge snowstorm about a week ago with snowflakes as big as golf balls.  Pic. #1 shows just how big they were!

#2.  It didn’t take long to become a winter wonderland.

#3.  We were invited to dinner after church in Novi Sad last Sunday.  The family who invited us were wonderful.  Boca and Ivanka are volunteers for the organization who distribute the wheelchairs that come to Novi Sad.  They are also wonderful to the Elders and to Ron and me although they aren’t members of our faith.  Thank you so much Boca and Ivanka.

#4.  After dinner, Ron and the Elders Knight and Jasper had to climb up on the dyke that protects Novi Sad from the Danube River in case of overflow.  Also pictured here is Goran who is from Novi Sad and recently returned from his mission in SLC.  He is standing on the left.

#5.  We took our puppet show Health Fair to Tuzla, Bosnia to the Red Cross.  They are going to take the anti smoking program to the local schools in hopes of discouraging kids from starting smoking.

#6.  We want to introduce you to Sara the Cow!  Yes, we finally were able to purchase a cow for the woman in Bosnia.  The grandmother has such a darling little 5 yr. old grandson who just loves their new cow!  He couldn’t stop petting Sara the Cow.

#7.It’s a deal (dogovoreno).

#8.  The grandmother and Sara the cow in the barn.

#9.  This is the family that now owns Sara the Cow.

#10.  This is the grandmother’s home.

#11.   We are trying to find a worthy water project in Bosnia.  This is one of the towns that has a need for a reliable water system.

#12.  A typical Balkan’s toilet!!!!!!

#13.  This Muslim Masque was just outside our hotel window in Sarajevo.  We woke up every morning to the sound of singing,  their call to prayer.

#14.  We had gone to Sarajevo, Bosnia to do a wheelchair distribution on Friday.  This young girl was one of the lucky recipients of a new wheelchair.  She was really happy with it.

#15.  We had a formal presentation ceremony for the wheelchairs.  The local press, both newspaper and TV were there.  They also invited some local dignitaries .  The lady at the head of the table is a big political leader in Bosnia.

#16.  This sweet lady was so happy to receive a chair.  The smile on her face tells it all!

#17.  Ron and Pres. Hill gave an interview with the press.  This is one very important aspect of the press conference. 

#18.  This group included Namik of the Red Cross, Sis Hill, Ron and I, the lady who received her chair and her sister, Pres. Hill and other Red Cross staff.  It is always so much fun!  If you ever think you might like to be Sr. Missionaries, we highly recommend it.  You would have the experiences of a lifetime.

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