Dusna B-Day
Oct 17th, 2009 by ron


Pic. #1.  District Conference with all of the old Serbian Elders that have been here since we have been here.  Elders Singer, Gubler and Stadlbauer went home the next day after Conference.  We sure do miss them.  


#2.  Elder Densley, Elder Singer and myself.  Elder Singer was the Branch Pres in Novi Sad for 6 months and sure did a good job.  He is from Pennsylvania and will be attending BYU come spring semester.


#3.  Nikola, our translator, celebrated his 31 B-Day on the 12th.  He is vegetarian and so I made him a carrot cake and a chocolate cake. He wasn’t too impressed with the carrot cake but liked the chocolate cake!  He tried to blow out 31 candles with one breath—it couldn’t be done!


#4.  Enjoying birthday cake.


#5.  Beautiful sunset over Belgrade taken from our balcony.


#6.  Dusan (pronounced DuShawn) is the only deacon in all of Serbia.  We had to give him a present!


#7.  We gave him a white shirt and Aunt Caroline and Uncle Dick sent a tie to go with tie shirt.  He was so excited that he ran right to his room to put it on and model it for us.  He said THANK YOU   VERY MUCH so Uncle Dick and Aunt Caroline, that THANK YOU is for you!


#8.  The Vasica Family (minus one).  Katarina wasn’t home from school yet.  She is 15 and doesn’t get home until 8:00 at night.  High School in Serbia is in two sessions per day—Morning and afternoon.  The Vasica children have afternoon session and so go to school at noon and get home around 8:00.  A family of 5 kids in Serbia is a really large family.  Bro Vasica is working on his law degree.  He also works in the national achives and is a paralegal.  Sis Vasica, Violeta, cleans houses in Belgrade.  They live in Pancevo.  She likes to hitch hike to town because she can get here faster and it doesn’t cost her anything.  They are great members of the church here.


#9.  Ron, Dusan and me.


#10.  Ron and I go for walks first thing in the morning and our favorite thing to do is to walk to the Piazza—the Market place where the locals sell their goods.  This morning we were inquiring about celery root.  They don’t have regular celery but have this plant instead.  You peel the bulb on the bottom and slice and dice it and put it in soup.  It is much more mild than celery.  The sales lady was more than happy to have her picture taken with us!


#11.  The fish market at the Piazza.  The word for fish is ARIBA.


#12.  This sales guy looked so grumpy but actually ended up being pretty funny and he spoke pretty good English.


#13.  Another pic. of the Piazza.  Now you can see why we like to go there.  We can find anything we need there including crocheted tablecloths.


#14.  They have the most unusual and colorful pumpkins and squashes.  I wish I had these sitting on my front porch.


#15.  This is a makeshift egg carton!  I bought a half-dozen eggs and they rolled up a newspaper into a cone shape and filled it with eggs.  It was pretty cool.  They make due with whatever they have.

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