On the Road in Serbia
February 13th, 2010 by ron

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Ron and I have both been a little under the weather, recovering from bronchitis and sinus infection but the work must go on.  We choose to make it fun in the process!

Pic. #1.  A very large and old Catholic Cathedral in Baca Topola, Serbia.  This is just a few kilometers from the border with Hungary.

#2.  Inside the Cathedral.  We found this interesting as there aren’t very many Catholic Churches in Serbia due to the fact that most people are Serbian Orthodox (Pravaslav).

#3.  Inside the Catholic Church.

#4.  More of the same.

#5.  We visited a maternity and delivery hospital in Subotica, Serbia.  We love visiting maternity hospitals and seeing the beautiful new babies.  It is always a happy place!

#6.  This mannequin was donated to this hospital when they participated in our Neo-natal Resuscitation program last Nov.  They use it to train other Dr’s, nurses and midwives.  Our plan is for every health care professional to be trained in the life saving techniques of resuscitating babies who don’t breathe on their own at birth.  The process really works and with less complications than the techniques they used before.  It is so wonderful.

#7.  After dinner that night, we took a stroll, in the snow, through their center square.  It was briskly cold but beautiful.

#8.  Our walk.

#9.  More of the same.

#10.  It really was beautiful.

#11.On Thursday, we went to visit an organization called Sopor.  They try to help people who are physically or mentally challenged by getting people and organizations to donate money and things that will be of great benefit to these people.  It was the grand opening of Sopor.  We had the most delightful time there.  We, through LDS Charities, were able to donate a projector system to a school in Novi Sad for the Deaf.  The teacher would have to go around to each student and show them individually what to do.  So time consuming.  The projector system will allow the teacher to project on the wall what they need to be doing and when it is time to move on without the teacher having to tell each student individually.  This donation will be such a great help to the teachers as well as the students.

We donated the projector  system the day of the grand opening of Sopor but it will go to the school through Sopor.  Another man and his wife donated all of the furniture for Sopor.  They also donated the refreshments  and will continue to donate money each month for the next year to help the center. 

They had a choir at the grand opening that was made up of mostly handicapped individuals.  They sang beautifully.  What a great thing for these individuals to be able to participate in.  We felt so fortunate to be able to attend that day.  If only those of you who donate to Humanitarian Services for the church could have been there.  It would make you so happy to see where some of the money is used.  We really try to spend your donations wisely!

#12.  We presented the director of Sopor with a plaque for her organization to hang on the wall saying that they received this donation from Latter-day Saint Charities, the Charitable arm of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

#13.  Mira, the Director, presented  us to the audience.  The choir of handicapped persons are standing behind and to the side of us.  We felt honored to stand there with them.

#14.  The choir sang just great!!!!

#15.  We visited a Rehabilitation Center in Subotica, Serbia.  These ladies in this pic. live right here in this room and the only thing they can claim as theirs is their bed.  The rest of the space in common territory. They live there because they need daily treatment and therapy.  People can’t travel and get around like we do in the states.  They take public transportation which makes it impossible to travel in everyday.

#16.  These are students in training to do physical therapy.

#17.  We weren’t quite sure what this treatment was good for.  They sure had a string of people there receiving it.  We noticed that their techniques are different from what we would receive in the states but they are trying to help people to feel better.

#18.  This beautiful young girl had an aneurism that burst in her head causing paralysis on her left side.  She comes in for occupational therapy every day.  Her mother was waiting in the hall and was really concerned who these people were paying attention to her daughter.  The girl really brightened up when we started talking to her and paying attention to her.

#19.  The man on crutches in this photo somehow got the name of the church in SLC and contacted them to see if they could get some help at this hospital.  He is a patient at this hospital and is also the head of an organization for the patients there to try to find ways to improve their treatments and the equipment and he is one of the individuals who also lives there.  He can

only stand or lay down, he cannot sit.  He was an amazing man.  The director of the Rehab center is the lady on the left.  She was also so amazing.  They treat over 200 patients on a daily basis in this hospital and really could use some help.

#20.  This pic is just to confuse you!  It was taken by our 3rd son Matt and was taken just 2 or 3 miles from our home in Ivins, Utah.  BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

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  • Jerry writes:
    February 15th, 201012:53 amat

    I stumbled on your website/blog as I was researching the Balkans. I was surprised to see the church in Baca Topola; my wife and I spent part of our honeymoon in a hotel there in 1986. then to see the pictures of the Subitica Center and the actual building where we got married. I lived in Serbia (Yugoslavia) for 4 years back in the 80s and I really loved living there. If I could make a living there I would be back there now.

    Jerry in Texas

  • Jana writes:
    February 15th, 20101:05 amat

    I love the pictures of those Cathidral church’s. Way cool! It looks like you guy’s are keeping very busy. I have to say that my favorite pic is the one of Snow Canyon. What a beutiful picture. I love it. Happy Valentines Day, and know that we love you guy’s very much. =)

  • Julie Mackley writes:
    February 15th, 20105:50 amat

    Happy Valentine’s Day! The pictures you have taken are stunning and the trips you have taken and will take are so fun to read about! I wish you much success in getting every health care professional trained in the Neo-natal Resuscitation program! Such a wonderful variety of programs, people and experiences you get to share in. You have touched so many people’s lives so far, and I am excited to read about the many more you will touch! You are both inspiring! Love ya, Miss ya and thank you for sharing it with those of us back home!

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