Zone Conferance in Zagreb- Croatia
February 7th, 2010 by ron

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This week we took a long 71/2 hour train ride to Zagreb, Croatia for Zone Conference.   We had to be at the train station here in Belgrade at 5:15 AM to catch our train.  It was the first run of the day for that train so it was miserably cold for the first 3 hours of the trip.  We bundled up,  I even put my sweat pants on under my skirt to stay warm.  Once the sun came up it started to warm up.

#1. This is of Ron & me with Elder Grachavac who is an Assistant to the Pres. and comes from Germany.  He goes home on Feb. 16th and has been an amazing missionary.

#2.  The city square in Zagreb, Croatia as viewed from the train station.  Zagreb is a beautiful city but we didn’t have time for sightseeing so we got the only shot we could get!

#3.  At the train station in Belgrade just before our departure to Zagreb.  We had a really funny thing happen to us on our return trip to Belgrade.  We were in a little 6 passenger compartment with a few Croats who all exited the train about an hour before we crossed the border from Croatia into Serbia.  By then it was dark and we were feeling a little tired, so we turned out the light and sat there and watched the scenery go by.  It didn’t take long for the both of us to fall asleep.

Sometime later we both awoke with a flashlight shining us in the face and a couple of men rattling something off to us in Serbian or Croatian (the two languages are very similar).  Ron finally realized that they were telling us to hurry and get off the train because they were dropping the car we were riding in.  In fact, they had already dropped our car and 2 others and everyone else was already off the train.  Ron says that the train had started to drive off until they realized that they needed to stop for us to get on. 

We hurried and gathered up all of our belongings and got off that train car and got on to a car that was still attached to the engines.  It all happened so fast that we didn’t have time to get scared but it would have been really bad if they had left us as it was out in the middle of nowhere with nothing around.  Luckily they backed up for us or we might still be somewhere on the border between Croatia and Serbia!!!!!!

Ron and I both came home with lovely colds and so we haven’t felt too well for the past two days.  We have been laying low,  trying to get feeling better.  I stayed home from church today and Ron came home from church and put on his sweats and is trying to get feeling like himself again.  We will be fine in a few days.  This cold has been traveling through the mission like wildfire.

#5.  Nikola, our investigator/translator and Elder Christiansen working on a questionnaire/survey that the elders are going to use to try and get some more communication with people.  We are hopeful that it will be a good tool to get people to start talking.

#6.  Elder Christiansen.  Sis. Christiansen, this one is for you!!!!  We sure do love our elders.  They ate dinner with another embassy family today but still came by for a piece of pizza and to work on missionary things this evening.  We love it when they can stop by.

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