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January 31st, 2010 by ron

We visited some different places and did something different this past week that usual. 

We visited a home for the blind outside of Pancevo.  They had their own little clinic inside of the home.  This was the staff for the clinic.  Many of the residents have spent their whole lives in this facility because they don’t have anyone else to care for them.

 We were impressed that it was nice and clean and the staff was really nice.  They made Palacinka’s for us in the kitchen and they were delicious.  The elders from Belgrade made the visit with us.  Thanks to these wonderful people who do all that they can to make life better for the blind people there at the home.

We also visited the Hospital in Pancevo and visited their gynecology department and specifically their birthing center.  We went to check up to see how they are using the training they received at our Neo-Natal Resuscitation training in November.  They gave us a private tour of the newborn nursery where there was the most beautiful set of twin baby girls.  They were adorable!  Who would have ever guessed that this would be one of the things we would be able to do as humanitarian missionaries.  It was so neat.

On Saturday we went ice skating for a branch activity.  It was freezing cold, -10 degrees Celsius.  It took real effort to stay warm.  Ron showed his skills as he skated around the outdoor rink.  I was worried that he would fall and break something and end up in a Serbian hospital but because he was so skillful, he didn’t fall and remained safe!!!!!

The skating park was in the middle of Ada, a beautiful park in Belgrade.  There are several skate parks set up around Belgrade and most of them are completely free, as was the ice skating park at Ada.  The beautiful sunset picture was taken across the lake at Ada.

# 4 Staff at Blind Center

#7 Res at the Blind Center

# 8 Elders with us at the Blind Center

# 9 Out Reach Skating Party

# 10 Ice Staking @ ADA

# 11 Ice Skating @ ADA

# 12 Ice Skating ADA

# 4 Res at the blind censter
#1 Pancevo Hospital Staff

# 2 New Bron Babys

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  • Jana writes:
    February 12th, 201012:45 amat

    Those babies are so cute! I see ron tries ice skating, did you try it too? I tried it for the first time a couple of weeks ago myself. It was so much fun.

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