Orthodox Nunnary & Ron’s B-Day
January 24th, 2010 by ron

Elders Made a B-Day Cookie


Ron & Nikola Going Ice Skating on B-Day

Inside of the Church

300 Hundred Yrs Old Church

We traveled to southern Serbia a couple of weeks ago and visited a monastery/convent there.  The nun who showed us around was really nice.  She is 2 years younger than I am and has been in the convent since she was 9 years old. 

The place was really old but nice and well kept.  There is an old church on the premesis that is around 300 years old.  There is also a new church on the grounds of the monastery that was partially built with funds given them by some people from Chicago.

Ron celebrated his birthday on January 20.  It was a really cold and uneventful day but we did manage to go to a huge park here in Belgrade where you can ice skate for free-including the skates.  Ron and Nikola did a short skate and then headed home to warm up! 

When we got home, the Elders called and had made Ron a GIANT chocolate chip cookie!  They wanted to stop by to deliver some mail which turned out to be the cookie!  What a nice thing for them to do.  Ron is waiting for his B-day present to arrive.  We special ordered a Plaid derby hat that we haven’t picked up yet.  Tomorrow.  He will model it for you next week.  For those who don’t know, Ron Loves plaid.

Nikola Standing in front of fountain

Area around Monastery

Red Cross Leader & Leader of the Nunnary
300 Hundred Yrs Old Church

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