New Years 2010
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We are so happy to report that our water project in the city of Cicevac, Serbia was recently approved.  We are so thrilled to be able to assist the 12,000 residents to have clean water piped into their homes.  The project is ongoing and will be completed, most likely, sometime in 2011.

Pic. #1.  Ron and I in the city of Cicevac with the mayor ( he is the one on the right) and some of the city workers.

We were privileged to drive the youth of Serbia to Ljubljana, Slovenia on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with other youth in the church from neighboring countries.  They had  a wonderful time and new friendships always develop from conferences like this.

#2.  Ron, myself, Irena Mitrovic from Serbia and Sis Lewis.  This dessert was served at the conference and it was Irena’s recipe!  It was quite tasty with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

#3.  This is a couple that has hooked up after meeting at YSA Conference in the Czech Republic last summer.  Marko is an Attorney and is close to 7 ft. tall.  He is from Croatia.  Sonjia is from Albania and she is a Doctor of general medicine.  She is about 5 ft. tall!  Marko joined the church about 8 months ago and Sonjia and her family joined 5 years ago.

#4. This pic just shows the group of youth as they were waiting for their dinner to be served.  They sure were a great group of youth.

#5.  These are the Senior Missionaries that were present at the conference.  The Wilfords from Idaho—near Rexburg, the Thompsons from Oregon, The Lewis’ from California, Sis Justice from Alpine, Ut., and Ron and I.

#6.  All of the Young Adults who attended.

#7.  Our Serbian Youth!

#8.  Christmas lights in Ljubljana were the most beautiful and elaborate we have ever seen.  European cities have an area in their cities that they call center.  Ljubljana’s Center has a river running through it.  It was really unique and beautiful.

#9.  This fountain was located in the middle of Center in Ljubljana.

#10.  As we walked through Center, we found this neat door which is the entrance to the Catholic Church. 

#11.  Inside the Catholic Church, mass was going on.  Notice the Cardinal sitting in the box to the left near the front.  The church was really beautiful inside.

#12.  More Christmas lights.

#13.  These lights looked like DNA and X&Y chromosomes.

Also lights that depicted the universe.  Notice Saturn with it’s rings.

#14.  Magnificent lights!

#15.  Notice the river and more lights.

#16.  On our way home we passed this castle on a hill.  They are a frequent sight in Europe and are so interesting.  We were in a hurry to get back to Serbia and so weren’t able to stop and tour this one. 

Thank you to my brothers and sisters and to my Father for helping to send these great Serbian Youth to this very special conference.

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