Christmas 2009
December 27th, 2009 by ron

Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy New Year!

We had a great Christmas, unlike any we have ever experienced before and we realize that we have much to be thankful for this Christmas Season.

We love to share with you the things we are involved in and places that we go.  This has been a slower work week due to Christmas and will continue to be a Holiday Celebration until after the 8th of January due to the fact that the Serbian Orthodox celebrate Christmas on January 7th.  The school children get a month off for the Christmas Holidays! 

#1.  We were in Bosnia on Sunday night and Monday.  We went there to meet with our greenhouse supplier.  He and his wife invited us into their home for Sunday night dinner.  They are a really nice Muslim family and were so kind to us.  They live in Gracinica, Bosnia.

#2.  Winter in Bosnia.

#3. More winter in Bosnia!

#4.  Yes, it was cold!

#5.   We had a sudden change of temperatures.  It was -20 C last week and in just a few days time, it warmed up and was 65 degrees of Christmas Day. On Wed. we were at the piazza and were surprised to see that they finally had Christmas trees for sale—no, we didn’t buy one.  Our homemade wreath covered it this year.  Undecorating isn’t going to be a problem!

#6.  The Elders came Christmas Morning to spend the day with us and with our translator, Nikola.  They had a friendly game of Monopoly—Serbian style.

#7.  We were so lucky to get invited to the Hamilton’s for Christmas Eve dinner.  They work for the embassy and have a most beautiful home and served the most wonderful turkey dinner.  It was delicious.  Thank you Hamilton’s!

#8.  We gave Nikola a Brigham Young Univ. Sweatshirt.  He liked it!

#9.  He was more thrilled about the triple combination scriptures however.  Elder Christiansen and our new elder, Elder Beus are with him.  Elder Beus arrived 9 days ago.

#10.  Ron had to get Serbian baseball hats for the Elders.  They have the insignia that reads “God Loves Serbs”!

#11.  Another Bosnian picture.  It was even colder than it looks and the smell of coal burning took our breath away.  It seemed foggy but it was really smoke because most of the homes and the businesses are heated with coal.












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  • Cindy Larkin writes:
    December 30th, 200911:24 pmat

    Oh it looks cold, but it also looks so beautiful! I love the bridge covered in snow. You should’ve done a picture on the bridge for your Christmas card picture. Aunt Net. It was so good to hear from you. Your encouragement means so much to me. Happy New Year!!

  • Jana writes:
    January 3rd, 20109:01 pmat

    What a wonderful Christmas. We are glad to hear that you guy’s are still doing great. All that snow gives me the shivers. I’m glad that it warmed a bit for you guy’s. Almost a whole year down, can you hardly believe it? I hope this next half of your mossion goes as well as the first. Happy New Year!

  • Sheryl Jasper writes:
    February 1st, 20105:01 amat

    Dear Densleys,

    I am so appreciative of your assistance on Christmas Day helping us talk to Elder Jasper – it was a great! Austin gave us your site and it has been nice to see your pics and explanations, good luck in your efforts there serving the Serbian people!

  • Kevin writes:
    July 13th, 20106:50 pmat

    These pics are awesome!! I especially love the new hats on Brother and Sister Densley!!! Where did you get those. I’m happy that you put so much work into this blog Sister Densley. Thank you and miss you much!

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