The Wheelchair Project
April 25th, 2009 by ron

We want to partner up with the Red Cross to get a wheelchair project going there. It was a favorable experience and looks like great things could happen there and also get the name of the church out there in an attempt to get recognition from the government.  We also attended a wheelchair donation ceremony in Tusla Bosbia.  It was a real tear jerker.  One father carried his son of around 11 or 12 on his back in order to transport him around.  What a blessing that chair is going to be to them both.  His picture is included in our blog.  Also a set of twin girls who are 6 yrs. old.  They are so cute and what a blessing to their family as well and for the two little girls.  There were many other chairs given out that day and what a tear jerker.  The sad part about it is that there are many more people in that town who weren’t on the list to receive a chair and so we will start application for more right away.  It was a most amazing experience to be  part of that.

My computer is doing some funky things so I am not telling the entire story but one more thing before I close! We took a different route on our way home and just before we came to the border crossing back into Serbia, we came to a bridge to cross the Danube River and the bridge was actually a one lane train trestle with train tracks running right through the center. It was almost dark and we were in the center of the bridge when a semi-truck appeared. We passed in the middle of the bridge with mere inches to spare. It was white knuckle all the way! Needless to say, we are having some amazing experiences and feel so blessed to be a part of this miraculous work going on here.
We love you all and wish you the best.
E/S Densley

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