Mitch Densley Visit To Serbia
November 23rd, 2009 by ron


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We have really had a great week in many ways.  The best part was that our son Mitch, who is on R&R from Afghanistan, came to visit us.  The visit was short but was sweet.  It would be so fun if all of our family and close friends could come to see us.  I must admit, Mitch’s visit made me homesick for a few days.  I cried every time someone would mention family but I am over it—thank heavens!

#00.  Mitch as he came off the plane in Belgrade, Serbia

#1.  Around the table eating Moms homemade chili.  They promised they wouldn’t use any stupid pics. of me—I guess they were kidding!

#2.  We visited some museums while Mitch was here.  This is inside the Serbian National Bank’s Museum.  This is the Mitch we all love so much.

#3.  In the museum.

#4.  A real bar of gold—don’t worry, security was really tight!

#5.  Ron, Me, Mitch, Elder Knight from Crescent Valley, Nv., E. Jasper from Tooele, E. Christiansen from Highland, Ut, E. Beaumont from Vancouver, Canada, E. Porter from Bountiful area,  E. Armstrong from Taylorsville, Mitch’s comrads-Koko from Pennsylvania and Andre from Logan.

#6.  The Serbian Orthodox Temple near our flat.  It is really pretty at night.

#7.  View inside the temple.  It has been under construction for over 100 years and is a long way from completion.  Their head patriarch passed away the day Mitch arrived and in lieu of flowers, it was suggested that people donate money.  They estimated that over 1,000,000 people passed by his body or attended the funeral.  If everyone gave just $1.00——-.

#8.  On Tuesday Evening I made an early Thanksgiving dinner—3 roasted chickens (couldn’t find a turkey)  mashed potatoes/gravy, stovetop stuffing, cranberry sauce and all the rest including pumpkin pie and banana cream pie.  Thanks to those of you who brought pumpkin, stovetop stuffing, cranberry sauce, pudding mixes and Crisco for pie crust!  We love you!!!!!

#9.  Mitch enjoying a piece of pumpkin pie and a glass—-NO, a CARTON of milk!

#10.  At the train station buying tickets for their night train to Greece.  We were headed to take a boat ride on the

Sava & Danube Rivers.  How do you do them both you might ask?  We were in the area where they join together and so it possible to do them both simultaneously!

#11.  On the trolley, headed home from our river cruise.  Bro Savic, the man on the right, was our river guide for the day.  He has been a faithful member of the church for 20 years.  The boys left at 10:00 that night and took the night train to Greece.  They are traveling all over Europe for their R&R.

#12.  Kalamegdon Fortress here in Belgrade.

#13.  Mitch at the fortress.

#14.  Pizza is a big thing in Serbia.  It is paper thin but is quite good.

#15.  After Mitch left, Ron and I had to do some traveling.  We are sharing some of the pics. that we took as we traveled along.  This one happens to be a working moonshine still in progress.  This man was making Rakia (grape brandy).  This happens to be a staple item in most homes in Serbia.

#16.  On our was to Slovakia to our Seniors Missionary Conference we passed through beautiful farmland.  This is a wagonload of cabbage.  They make tons and tons of sour cabbage for their winter food supply.  Everyone has a barrel of sour cabbage in their basement!

#17,18,19.  We stopped to take pictures of these people digging acres and acres (hectars and hectars) of carrots by hand.  They were so thrilled that Americans stopped to take their pics!  They gave us a bag of freshly dug carrots and when Ron tried to pay them they wouldn’t accept it.  This is one of the things that makes our mission so much fun!

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  • Brenda Densley writes:
    November 23rd, 20096:20 pmat

    Looks like you all had so much fun! I am so glad you got to spend time together! Miss you all and LOVE you!

    Brenda, Josh, Preston & Bentley! 🙂

  • Jana writes:
    December 2nd, 20095:28 amat

    I bet that was fantastic to get to spend time with Mitch. I would have gotten home sick too. I have to say that those pizza’s are flippin huge!!! I hope they tasted as good as they looked. I’ve had to go back and see you other posted that I haven’t checked out yet. Life has been crazy the last month, and I feel bad that I haven’t kept up with you guy’s. I just wanted to let you know that I love you guy’s and love your blog. I hope you had a great Thanks Giving, and I hope you have a great Holiday Season. =)

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