Green House Projects
November 2nd, 2009 by ron




We were on the road this whole past week.  Some of the things we have seen and done are shown in the pictures that follow.


#1.  We visited the city of Cicevac to check on our potential water project there.  We didn’t arrive until after dark—7:00 pm to be exact.  They were still at city hall waiting for us to show us the progress water lines.  They were working like mad to get lines in before it gets too cold.


#2.  This is a very old water truck that they were using on the job.  We thought it was pretty cool that it still worked!


#3. The mayor of Cicevac is really a nice guy.  Here he is at one of the existing water stations where the citizens have to go to get clean water to use in their homes.


#4.  This is an old school that was used to house refugees.  There are still 2 refugees living there.  It was in pretty poor condition.


#5.  We are working with Benson Food Projects and are hoping to supple some greenhouses similar to this one. 


#6.  Some of the produce that is grown in greenhouses, namely, tomatoes—they call paradise, cucumbers, peppers and so on.


#7.  This house was over 100 years old.  It’s owner had it moved from it’s original location and has completely restored it.







#8.  You can see the original wood that the house was built on and still rests today.  Also the old stone foundation was moved to accommodate the house.  They took us under the crawl space and it was so interesting to see the old tools and antiques that are housed there.


#9.  Another view of the greenhouse and the beautiful village where it is located. 


#10.  It was oh so cold this day.  The Red Cross felt that our coats weren’t warm enough so they presented us with very heavy and warm “official Red Cross coats” so that we won’t freeze to death this winter!  Notice how beautiful this area is.


#11.  Notice the beautiful fall colors.  I imagine that this is what the New England states look like in fall back home.  We never get tired of driving through the countryside to see what we can see.


#12.  This is a sight we see all the time—Pa is taking Ma for a Sunday drive!


#13.  This is the local Pig Hauler!!!!!

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  • Cameron writes:
    November 9th, 20091:32 amat

    Why do they need so many Green houses.

  • Jana writes:
    December 2nd, 20095:20 amat

    I love the picture of the little old lady in the cart.

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