Food Project in Bosnia / Serbia Medical Supplies
October 13th, 2009 by ron


Greetings to all.  We spent another busy week, as usual.  On Monday we went to Bosnia to look at some potential projects.  We spent the first night at a quaint little hotel on the way.  Pic #1 is in front of the hotel.

#2.  View of the mountains and clouds from the hotel.  Bosnia is very beautiful. We never tire of the beautiful scenery coming and going to Bosnia.

#3.  In Kalesija, Bosnia, we are looking at the possibility of trying to get a greenhouse for a vocational school.  The students would grow vegetables inside the greenhouse year round.  They would give the vegetables to the local Red Cross who in turn would give the produce to over 360 needy people that they help on a regular basis.

#4.  Girls who are enrolled in the vocational program were working at the school’s orchard the day we were there.

#5.  Boys also working in the orchard.

#6.  This is the spot that the greenhouse will be located, if  the project is approved.

#7.  This is the orchard that is run by the vocational school.

#8.  We visited another area of Kalesija.  This is a greenhouse that is owned by a local dairy farmer who also grows produce to sell at market.

#9.  Greenhouse exterior.  These greenhouses play a very important roll in this region as the main winter vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers of every color and they are grown year round in these greenhouses.

#10.  This is a group of dairy farmers that we met the day we were there.  The little 70 yr. old lady that is wearing a scarf in this picture is in need of a milk cow.  She supports 6 people in her family and her cow died so she has no means of support for them.  She sold 2 liters of milk per day from her cow that died.  When we hear these people’s stories, it just rips our heart out.

We returned to Belgrade on Wed night.

#11.  On Friday we went to Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) for a donation ceremony.  We were able to supply, through LDS Charities, some much needed medical equipment to the Regional Hospital there.  Our Mission Pres, Pres. Hill presented Dr. Mike with a plaque from LDS Charities.

#12.  Dr. Mike, his wife who is also a Dr., Ron and I and Maria, the lady from the Medical supply co. who was able to get the equipment for us.

#13.  Dr. Mike, his wife, and Pres. and Sis. Hill.

#14.  After the ceremony, at which all the local news media was present, the hospital took us to lunch at a really nice restaurant.  Dr. Mike had pre-ordered all the food and when it came, each plate was so large that it was enough for 3 or 4 people!  There was no way we could begin to eat half of it, but it was so nice of them.  We find the people of Serbia to be so gracious and appreciative and it makes our job as missionaries so much fun.  We are so thankful to all of you who donate to humanitarian service as we are able to see the good that it does.  Thank you so much.

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