The City of Cicevac
September 16th, 2009 by ron

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This past week we went to Cicevac to check on our potential water project.  They took us to see where the water pipe will have to cross the river.  We walked across a very rickety old swinging bridge, across a river to see where the pipe ends.  The Mayor and city officials are great people.  They took us to lunch at a local restaurant.


From Cicevac we drove to Kraljevo.  We had a few extra minutes to spare so Ron stopped and checked out the local tomato patch where tomatoes were selling really cheap and were delicious—just like home.  He also stopped to see what they were growing in the hot houses that dot the landscape.  It was peppers which they call paprika and cucumbers that grow up poles as tall as the ceiling.  We also stopped at a mushroom farm where they grow mushrooms in rooms back inside a mountain, almost like a cave.  Mushrooms also sold so cheap you wonder how they could afford to sell them for so little.


It is starting to feel like fall here and it is also evident in the harvest as well.  They do an interesting thing with the corn. 

They leave the ears of corn on the stock and let it completely dry up—stalk and all.  Then they cut the stalks near the ground and stand the stalks up like tepees and tie them near the top with twine.  This is done in the field.  It appears that they will leave them there but we aren’t sure how they will use them that way.  Maybe turn the livestock loose in the fields to eat it where it stands.  It has been such an education being here and seeing the different ways they do things.

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  • Caroline & Dick writes:
    September 18th, 20091:04 amat

    Boy would I love to get into that tomato patch. The mushrooms look really interesting as well. You were brave to cross that swinging bridge. I really don’t do well in those situations. You always have such a smiley and happy face. It makes me know you are enjoying what you are doing. Keep working hard and the people there will be blessed because of you guys being there. The landscape looks so lush and green there. Looks very nice and pretty. Well enjoy and keep in touch.

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