Sarajevo Bosnia Trip
September 10th, 2009 by ron

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We continue to have an interesting life over here.  We are still traveling quite a bit.  Last Sat. was our P-day and we went to ADA to ride bicycles.  We were with Nikola, our Serbian teacher and translator and elders Knight and Stadlbauer. It was great fun and a little exercise all wrapped up into one.  It turned off really quite chilly that afternoon.

On Sunday we had dinner for the Elders and left immediately to go to the main center of town where people hang out on weekends and evenings.  The Elders set up their posters and took turns wearing the Book of Mormon Book for added interest!  It was a great experience for the Elders because people would actually stop and chat and listen to what they had to say.  They had us drive their equipment to the square while they all took the  bus and met us there.  Those in the pic are Me, E. Porter, E. Stadlbauer wearing the Book of Mormon, E. Knight and E. Gubler.  This particular style of contacting is called “Street Boarding”!

We went to Bosnia last week and took some pics on the way.  We stopped at a roadside stand to buy a watermelon and potatoes.  The watermelon was the really sweet and delicious but the potatoes weren’t the best.  What my sweet daddy would call culls.

We love driving through the countryside to see what we can see like the fields of tobacco—nearly everyone over here smokes, the corn harvest, I’m not sure what they do with the red corncobs, and rotisserie pork on a stick!  The Mine Field signs in the mountains of Bosnia are a constant reminder of the conflicts that have occurred in this region.

While In Sarajevo, we visited an old marketplace that was built back in the 1400’s by the Turks.  The cobblestone streets are the original streets from that era.  I say cobblestones but they are more like boulders!!!!  Quite hard to walk on.  There is a Muslim Mosque there where the people were praying in the courtyard.  They come to pray 5 times a day. ( It doesn’t look too much like this guy wanted his pic. taken!)

A favorite pastime is playing chess in the park with giant chess pieces.  It is the older men who participate in this sport.  They are very serious about their game and are often seen to shout at each other.  This particular game ended with the looser throwing the opponent’s game pieces all over the place and shouting as he hurried off.

On our way home we were interested to see roadside stands selling these huge bags of plums that they use to make “moonshine” Plum Brandy.  It seems that most households are accustomed to either making or at least consuming this product, many for medicinal purposes.

Our final picture is of the bridge that we told you about before—it is shared by cars and trains—hopefully not at the same time!

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  • Jana writes:
    September 13th, 200911:18 pmat

    Hello again. I finally had another chance to check your blog. I always enjoy reading all about your great experiances, and looking at your great pictures. It sounds like you two are constantley on the go, and never lack for things to be doing. I read down through the entries that I had missed. The fruit markets look wonderful. I love fresh fruit. I bet it is very tastey. We keep you in our prayers and hope you continue doing well. ~Jana~

  • David writes:
    April 20th, 20107:23 pmat

    Just came across your blog in a search of LDS and Sarajevo. We are expected to arrive in Jan 2011 and are looking for a Ward. Please e-mail me when you get the chance. Love the blog!

  • ron writes:
    April 23rd, 20109:14 pmat

    There is a small group that meets in Sarajevo. They hold church in the homes of members as there aren’t enough members yet to have an official meeting place. If you would like, we could put you in touch with the Sombke family. They are wonderful people and church is held in their home much of the time. Good luck to you as you anticipate your move to Sarajevo.
    That is so interesting that you found our blog! We are Sr. Humanitarian missionaries in Serbia but our area also covers Bosnia. We will go home the first of Sept. but we are hopeful that a new Sr. couple will be replacing us. We just got back from Sarajevo a couple of hours ago. It is so beautiful in Bosnia. We think you will like it there.

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