ADA Branch Party- Kraljevo Red Cross
August 17th, 2009 by ron

Ljubica at Branch PartyNikola Stan head woundBald SpotGreetings to everyone!  First of all, the weather is still up and down—but most of all it is really hot and humid and the humidity is such a killer.  I never dreamed I could say that the hot desert is nice.

Our week has been another adventure!  We visited Kraljevo in the south western part of Serbia on Thursday.  We met the head Red Cross lady from Kraljevo while we were in Montenegro and so went to meet with her and her staff and see what their needs might be.  The ride there was very beautiful as we traveled through the green mountainous region of Serbia along winding two way roads.  We just love seeing the countryside and the rural areas to see how the real Serbians live.  It was great!

Kraljevo is higher up in the mountains so they get a lot of snow in the winter.

The people that we met were all so nice and we really like the head Red Cross lady, Mirjana.  She had done so many amazing things for the people of her area.  She has set up a second hand store where all the income from sales is used for people in need.  We visited that store and it was so clean and orderly and the merchandise looked and smelled brand new!!!  She invited the director of their local hospital to also come and visit with us.  We would like to get a Neo-Natal program going there.  Our visit was to assess their needs and then decide if it is possible.

They have and interesting situation there.  A city in California donated an old motor home to them.  It came equipped with two dental chairs, x –ray machine, eye exam equipment, and is meant to be a traveling medical clinic.  They are trying to figure out how to get it up and operational so that it can travel out into the remote villages to help people who can’t afford to come to the city for treatment. 

We had a really fun branch activity on Saturday.  We went to Ada, which is a huge park of about 50acres where the people go to get away from the city. It is totally covered with trees and grass and has a big man-made lake that they call the beach.  We found a nice grassy spot in the shade for our party.  We played games with water balloons that were such a kick!  We had spectators watching us as the Serbs had never seen such crazy games!  We invited some of the kids who came to watch to join in with us.  It was so much fun.  One of the sisters who loves to cook, made individual pizza pockets and the largest cherry pie that I have ever seen.  It fed 25 people with leftovers.

At the end of the party, Ron and Nikola, our translator, went to the lake to teach Nikola to water ski.  Now this might sound strange, but they don’t use a boat on this lake to water ski, they have wires with pullys that pull the skier along a track.  It sounds weird but it really does work.  Anyway, Nikola tried two or three times and finally got up.  He skied ¾ the way around the track when he fell.  A few seconds later, a handle that another skier had used came around and whacked him in the head and the picture tells the story!

We took him to the emergency room because it was quite deep and could have used a couple of stitches.  The emergency room was crazy.  150 people lined up and down a hallway—stacked in there with no place to sit.  They wheeled a man past us on a gurney who appeared to have had his face smashed in.  He was passed out on the gurney.  We took one look and Ron said to Nikola, Dr. Densley will meet you in his office, so we went home and Ron pulled out HIS bag of tricks!!!  Now for those of you who don’t know, Dr. Densley has performed this treatment before!  It requires shaving the crown of the head and applying butterfly bandages to the wound on the crown of the head!  It works but requires a very short hair cut afterwards!!!  The funny thing was that we didn’t cut his hair until the next day, which was Sunday.  Yes on Sunday!  After the humiliating comments he got at church—one person asked him if that was a bird nest he had resting on top of his head, another asked if he was Jewish-wearing the little hat that just fits on the crown of the head?  We had to do something so we went home and gave him a haircut.  He took it all in good humor and by next week it will be starting to fill in so all will be well.  Thus closes another great week as Serbian Missionaries.


We sure do miss our Elder Christiansen but are happy to welcome Elder Gubler and Elder Porter.  Gubler has moved down from Sremska Mitrovisa to train a new Greenie that just arrived on Wednesday fresh from the MTC.  His name is Elder Porter from Centerville, Ut.  He is going to be a great addition to our Serbian Missionaries. Elder Christiansen replaced Elder Gubler in Sremska Mitrovisa and is training a new elder there.Red Cross Second Hand storephpHfJPXbPMBalloon Throwphp3amhrIPMTowell ballon

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  • Caroline Payne writes:
    August 18th, 20091:59 amat

    Hi, As always I have loved reading about the things you are doing. I think alot of this is more of a big party than anything. What do you think? You’re having way to much fun. Keep working hard. We’re so proud of you. Dick & Caroline

  • Jana writes:
    August 24th, 200911:39 pmat

    Wow! I still am trying to figure out the whole water skiing thing, but who better then Uncle Ron to fix him up? The people sound so interesting and humble, and gracious over there. Keep up the great work that you were sent over there to do. Know that you are always in our prayers and that we love you guy’s very much.

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