Picnic at Mehilo’s
August 10th, 2009 by ron

Lots of Food

Lots of Food

Honey to Start withElder Christian and honeyElder Knight and honeyWater from the WellCauliflower feildEgg plantsPig FarmMehilo and Wife Rousha  and BrotherSending home the produceSending home the produceWe spent most of our week doing office work and filling out new applications. Thank heavens for Sunday to give us a little excitement for the week! It all started at Sacrament Meeting. Nevena, who is 24 and as thin as a race horse, was the main speaker and was doing a really good job. About 2/3 of the way through her talk she paused, she got a funny look in her eye, paused some more then passed out. The Branch Pres. and one of the counselors in the Branch Presidency caught her as she was going down and saved her fall. She laid on the floor behind the pulpit for about 10 minutes with branch members scurrying around and trying to figure out what to do for her. They finally poured some water in her face—almost drowned her—branch members were doing all sorts of things like propping her feet up and holding her head up- almost cutting off her airway. Ron finally got in the act, told them to put her head down so the blood could flow back into her head and she finally came to. We got her into the library and turned the A/C on full bore. We sent the Elders to our Apt. to get out blood pressure machine and sure enough, her blood pressure was off the charts, 162/120. She had only had 1 hr. of sleep the night before, hadn’t eaten breakfast, and hadn’t taken her blood pressure medicine, along with the fact that they had turned the A/C off during the sacrament and didn’t turn it back on so it was quite hot. They sang the closing song and ended Sacrament Meeting.

We loaded her in our car, (it is parked in the church garage all the time except when we drive it out of town) and took her to our apt. as Ron is one of her home teachers and our apt. is the closest to the church. We had her rest on the couch, gave her some blood pressure medicine(she and I take the same medicine), gave her something to eat and in a little while her blood pressure started to come down and she started to feel better! Her mother finally came around 4:00 pm and at 4:30 Nevena finally felt better and was able to leave.

In the meantime, we were supposed to go with the Elders to a small farming town by Sremska Mitrovisa for a picnic with some non-members after church. After they gave Nevena a Blessing and getting her settled here, Ron and the Elders left and went to the appointment for the dinner. The pictures tell the full story! Mehilo and Rousha have a really beautiful garden and orchard.

Pic.#1. Elder Knight from near Reno, Nev., Elder Christiansen from Highland, Ut., Mehilo, Ron & Elder Stadlbauer from Boise, Idaho.

Pic.#2.They were served a 7 coarse meal on beautiful China!

Pic.#3.The first coarse was to dip their spoon in honey (produced be Mehilo) lick the spoon and chase it with mineral water. It is supposed to wake up your tastebuds.

Pic.#4. Elder Christiansen doing the honey thing. (we are so sad that Elder C. is being transferred to Sremska Mitrovisa so we won’t get to see him as often. We have really grown to love him. He reminds us of Cameron, our grandson!)

#5. Elder Knight doing the honey thing!

#6. They pump their water from a well outside in the side yard.

#7. They grow the cauliflower to sell at market.

#8. Egg Plant. In Serbian it is Purple Paradise!

#9. They raise their own pigs.

#10. Mehilo, his wife Rousha, & Mehilo’s brother. Mehilo & his brother were born and raised in this house.

#11. At the end of a beautiful visit, Mehilo sent crates of produce home for the Elders and for Ron and me.

Thus ends another perfect week in Serbia!!!!!

Four Elder and a pear tree
Four Elder and a pear tree
opps she forgot to tell about the Fish market

opps she forgot to tell about the Fish marketThey fed us dinner We had Honey to start withElder C Started Elder Knight need alot on HoneyCauliflower for market Eggs The Famiy HomeBaby PigsThis is the only water they haveCar load with good stuff

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  • Jana writes:
    August 24th, 200911:45 pmat

    IF it’s not one thing it is another. That poor thing was nervouse, starving, and dying of heat. I think I would have passed out too. That garden that are in the pictures is amazing! What a beautiful place.

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