Youth Conferance in Czech
August 3rd, 2009 by ron

We had another great week.  We left early Monday Morning in a rented van headed for the Czech Republic & Freiberg, Germany.  We met two of our youth, Ranaslav and Ljubica Ivanovic along the freeway in Sremska Mitrovica.  Their parents were waiting there with them until we came to get them.  Nikola Stan, Irena Mitrovic, and Nevena Beric spent the night with us Sun. Night so that they could be here early enough.  They all have to take the bus and some are 11/2 hours away.  We traveled through Budapest, Hungary, Brataslava, Slovakia, Prague, Czech Republic arriving if Freiberg, Germany around 11:00 pm Monday night.  We spent the night in the hostel there on the temple grounds and were in the temple session at 8:00 Tuesday morning.  It is a beautiful temple and so clean.  I met a lady in the temple that looked so much like Jewel Frei family.  I told her that she reminded me of some of my relatives and that we go back to Switzerland.  She said that she was also from Switzerland!

When we got out of the temple we headed back through Prague and to Sec, Czech Republic where the YSA conference was held.  Sec is a really beautiful area with forests and rolling farms.  The forests reminded me of the Sacred Grove.  Sec itself is really small. The conference was held in the College there.  Youth attended from Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Muldova, Romania, Hungary, Albania, Poland, and the Czech Republic.  Nearly 300 youth in all.  Albania traveled the farthest with Serbia coming in second.  Miracles took place and hearts were softened and we witnessed it firsthand.  One of our youth has been inactive for quite some time.  He decided to go to the conference the last minute and the conference really renewed him.  I heard him bear his testimony twice within 3 days and he has vowed to come back to church.  Another great miracle was in the uniting of countries that really don’t like each other because of war and for political reasons.  The Albanians arrived with their country’s flag strapped across the hood of their van.  It was upsetting to the Serbian kids but it didn’t take long for them to realize that the Albanian youth came in peace and with love to win the hearts of the Serbian youth and it really happened that way.  As we departed the conference on Saturday Morning, they were all hugging and crying and with a renewed excitement to meet again next year at the conference to be held in Poland.  The Lord truly blessed these kids this year!

The conference was really good but the food was pretty bad.  However, what they lacked in good taste (the food) they more than made up for in good firesides, service project at an old castle, dances, and testimony meeting.  We were able to help out a lot which kept us really busy and very tired by night. 

We met a young man at the conference that was baptized by Jodie Hansen’s nephew– Chance Anderson.  Elvi was playing basketball—we were in charge of basketball.  We just happened to ask him how long he had been a member and he said 3 years and that he was baptized by Chance.  Elvi  was shocked when I knew so much about Chance.  Come to find out, Elvi was at Norm and Jodie’s last year.  We don’t feel that it was an accident that we met.  The Lord works in mysterious ways!

While we were at the conference we started inquiring of the Czech Republic youth if anyone was from Liberec.  On Friday we found 2 girls from Liberec.  We wanted to get in contact with the Motovsky family that Matt baptized when he served in Liberec, Czech Republic the 90’s.  Through some phone calls, one of the girls located Pepik and Monika and their 2 boys and was able to talk to them Saturday morning just as we were leaving.  Pepik said that they could meet at the mission home in Prague if we could come back there.  It was about 1 ½ hours back to Prague but we wanted so badly to see them again and our youth wanted to see Prague, so we went back to the mission home.  The Motovsky’s were there waiting for us and Pepik and Monica cried their eyes out when they saw us!  We cried too!!!   The elders were there to translate for us.  What a joyous reunion, if only Matthew could have been there. They love him so much and still call him Motosh!

We had also arranged to meet with Peter Valnacek at his home in Brataslava, Slovakia.  We could see that we were going to be late as we were still at the mission home, so Ron called Peter to tell him that we would arrive later.  Peter indicated that his wife was in Prague.  We hadn’t ever met her as Peter was single when we met him.  When Ron got off the phone, the elders said that Peters wife was there at the mission home!  How cool was that?  We got to meet her and 3 of their 4 kids!  Another one of those little miracles.  She was waiting for a train to take her and the kids home to Brataslava.  We did see Peter on our way through Brataslava and it was so good to see him. He has been the branch President for 7 years. We drove through the night arriving in Belgrade at 6:00 am Sunday Morning.  All of the kids came home with us and crashed for a couple of hours until we had to get up for church.  We are so glad that we were able to share this past week with these great young adults.  It was truly and experience of a lifetime.  Thanks to all of you who helped make this trip possible for the very special Serbian youth.  We LOVE YOU ALL.

Bro Oaks of the Seventies

IMG_0653Bro Oaks of the Seventies

Lake at youth Conferance

Lake at youth Conferance

Was Baptize by Chance Anderson

Was Baptize by Chance Anderson


IMG_0632IMG_0622Freiberg TempleTemplePepikPeter Wife

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  • Caroline & Dick writes:
    August 12th, 20095:14 pmat

    Dear Ron & Annette It is such a thrill to see the kids that got to go to youth conference. It was our privilege to be able to help out. Please remember us the next time. We are always here. Everyone looks so happy and you can feel their spirits just looking at their pictures and seeing their smiling faces. You are doing such a great work. Keep it us and please keep your blog up. It makes us feel as if we can be a small part of your mission also. Love Dick and Caroline

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