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June 21st, 2009 by ron


HAPPY BIRTHDAY #88 to my dear Daddy Jack Reber!  That is quite the accomplishment Dad!!!!  We Love You! Also, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO YOU Dad, and to RON and to RONNIE, TODD, MATT,  and JOSH!!!!!  We thought that our week was pretty quiet but as I referred back to my journal, we discovered that we went to Novi Sad on Monday, to Sremska on Tuesday, wrote project applications and reports Wed. and Thurs. and went to Cicevac on Friday.  Last Monday seems like it was a month ago!

Our trip to Cicevac was to see if we could help them with their water issues.  The water running into their homes has been condemned and shouldn’t even be used for showers or laundry.   During our meeting with their Mayor and other City Officials, the mayor commented that even if we can’t help them ( although we hope we can)   it is nice to meet with people who are so happy.  He was referring to Elder Densley and I!  Picture #1 is the Red Cross and City Officials in Cicevac.

#2.  Ron being apprehended by the Cicevac Police—he could barely fit in that car!  We hear that it is hard to out-run the police in one of these clean one-owners!!!!!

#3.  The cute young ladies in this picture are high school teachers and they were so happy because school let out for the summer just the day before!  They had a dance on the last day of school and two huge beer kegs and a beer dispenser were still sitting outside the school.

#4.  We enjoyed wandering through this beautiful park.  Parks are so important to Serbs because so many of them live in high-rise apt.Buildings and have no place to wander except their parks.  They are usually clean and well kept.  This park is on an island with a lake in the center.  The people of this area flock to the lake to lounge on the beaches—not sandy beaches, but rocky beaches. 

#5.  Thousands of people lounging on the rocks!

#6.The weather here can change in an instant.  When we arrived at the lake it was sunny and hot and within an hour the clouds rolled in and it turned off rainy and cooled down so everyone at the beach was trying to get back to town on the same bus!!!!!Our Apt. is only 548′ above sea level.  It’s hard to imagine that it snows here with that elevation but it does.

#7.  The mass transit system here is really good.  Buses run everywhere and almost every hour of the day and night.  After church we walked back to our Apt the long way to show you the buses lined up.  Where were they yesterday when we were at the lake and needing a ride home?

#8.  Ron prefers to take the trolley.  There are many of them here in Belgrade and we ride them often.  We buy a monthly pass for about $45.00 and we can ride the regular bus, the electric bus or the trolleys anywhere in town.

#9.  These are the rooftops and the changing weather as seen from our 11th floor balcony.  We love our view and the breezes that blow!  Today, Sunday and it is still raining and is only 58 degrees.  It was 86 yesterday and about 85% humidity until it started raining.

We send our love to all and thanks for keeping in touch.


Mitch left for Afghanistan of Thursday.  Please keep him in your prayers.

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  • Croline Payne writes:
    June 24th, 20093:25 amat

    Love your blog. Thanks for keeping fus updated. I am so glad you are so busy. It makes time go faster and helps you not to think about home quite so much. But we think of you every day. Hope all goes well this week and much happens for you. Keep working hard and we love you guys tons. Take care. Love Dick and Caroline

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