Catching up with the Densley
August 17th, 2011 by ron


It has been such a long time since our last posting but we continue to enjoy life with our many activities and outings.

Pic. 1.  Ron and Annette, 4-wheelin at our cabin in Pine Valley, Utah.

2.  Easter in Ivins with Elder Jordan Singer and his wife Jen and Nikola Stan from Serbia.  Ron drove them to the top of Snow Canyon near our home and they bicycled back to our house.

3.  Our 3 yr. old grandson Preston just loves his grandpa Ron and has to do everything with him—including cutting the lawn on the riding mower.

4.  Our daughter-in-law Jenny with our grand dog Charlie.  Jenny is married to our eldest son Ron Jr.

5.  Easter in Ivins and a visit from Annette’s younger brother Steve.

6.  After grandma’s Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids were counting up their cash.

7.  Austin, Madison and Makel checking out their loot.

8.  More Easter fun on grandma’s golf cart.

9.  Grandpa took granddaughter Katelyn for a Sunday drive in his 92 Corvette.

10.  Austin filling Coke bottles with homemade root beer.  It was a fun Family Home evening activity.

11.  Ron took Austin to the Father’s & Son’s outing this year.  Matt was working out of town at the time so grandpa willingly agreed to go camping.

12.  Austin canoeing at father and sons.

13.  Matt and his family.  Austin, wife- Becca, daughters-Kayla and Madison after Kayla’s graduation from Snow Canyon High School.

14.  We were thrilled to have a visit from Ron’s relatives from New Zealand.  We took them to Lake Powell –Adrienne, Alina, and Esther Going.

15.  Preston and Ethan at Lake Powell.

16.  Ethan and mom Kari on her Birthday at Lake Powell.  Todd gave her a beautiful crystal bracelet.

17.  Grandpa Ron had fun shooting water cannons off the back of the boat with Ethan and Preston.

18.  Ron and Annette at Lone Rock-Lake Powell.

19.  Todd and son Shae, 15.

20.  Annette’s Sister Caroline, her granddaughter Carlie and our 2nd son Todd.

21.  We celebrated the 90th birthday of Jack Reber on June 11, 2011.  He is Annette’s father.  In this photo, grandpa is being presented with a dirt cake made by granddaughter-in-law, Brenda Densley.  The cake was completely edible and came with a shovel and rake and a packet of real seeds.  Grandpa Jack is one of the few people in Ivins, Utah who can grow a successful and productive garden.

22.  The Dick Payne family.  Dick, Cheryl Worthington, her husband Stuart and daughters McKaylee and Skylee.

23.  Cameron Densley is 15 and 6’5” compared to his cousin Mckaylee Worthington who is 16 and 6’.  We can grow big kids in this family!!!!!

24.  Caroline Payne, Annette Densley, Steve Reber, stepmom Johanna Reber, father Jack Reber, Robert Reber,  Shirlene Peterson and Norene Mackley.

25.  Josh’s 29th Birthday with mom Annette and wife Brenda.

26.  In June we had a family reunion in Midway with Uncle Merlynn Densley’s family.  It was short and very fun to get to know Merlynn’s new wife Laurie better and his children and grandchildren.  They are great people and we enjoyed it very much.

27.  Granddaughters Lauren 11 and Katelyn 13.

28.  Uncle Merlynn’s family in foreground and Ron’s family in background.

29.  Ron Jr.’s wife Jenny, Son Cam, and Annette.

30.  Ron Jr. grilling the chicken.

31.  Our youngest son Josh, his wife Brenda and son Preston.

32.  Ron’s amazing garden here at home in Ivins.  He got the gardening bug in Serbia and has a really great garden.  We have been eating cucumbers, yellow summer squash, zucchini, lettuce, tomatoes, beets, little green onions and more.  We have also been canning all sorts of things like pickles, jams, and chili sauce to name a few.

33.  We learned to love Sunflowers in Serbia and are so happy that they grow equally as well in Ivins, Utah.

34.  More Lake Powell with Josh, Brenda and Preston.

35.  Ron’s shadow cast on the red rock wall at Lake Powell while fishing was taken near the Glenn Canyon Dam in Page, Az.


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