April The Starting of Spring
April 11th, 2011 by ron

We continue to enjoy life’s experiences and pack as many fun activities into life as we can.

 Recently Ron went snowmobiling with his two eldest sons-Ron Jr. and Todd.  It is like the saying “If life hands you lemons, make lemonade”, or—- if it snows, go snowmobiling!!!!!!! That is how you make the best of winter while living in Utah.

#1,2,3.  Ron Jr.

#4.  Todd and Ron Jr.

#5.  Todd.

#6,7.  Ron Sr.

#8.  Ron Sr. and Todd.

#9.  Todd, Ron Jr. and Ron Sr.

#10.  Todd.

#11.  Ron Jr.

 Jon Gubler, one of our recently returned Serbian Elders, got married on Feb.  19.  His wedding reception was held the night before.  Those of us who served as missionaries in Serbia all took the opportunity to get together at the wedding reception.  It was so much fun to all show up together as a surprise to our dear friend and his new bride.

#12.  Nikola

#13.  Group photo:  Nikola Stan, Ron Densley, Annette Densley, Marc Christiansen, the Bride Kelsi Gubler, Jon Gubler, Steven Knight, Taylor Armstrong, Matt Kearney, Kevin Stadlbauer, Austin Jasper and Jordan Singer.

#14.  Nikola enjoying the refreshments at the reception.

#15.  Armstrong, Knight, Christiansen, Stadlbauer, and Jasper…….A Serbian HOWDY!

#16.  A former Serbian Elder, Jordan Singer and his wife Jen.

#17.  The Bride and Groom cutting the cake.

#18.  We Serbian missionaries went to dinner at Golden Corral after the reception.  We had a great visit catching up on old times and grazing on some good ole buffet food—yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  We love our elders and it was so fun to see them again and Nikola too!

#19 & 20.  On Sunday, Feb. 20, we all got together again at Elder Marc Christiansen’s homecoming Sac. Meeting.  He had a great mission and gave an excellent report.  We gathered for pictures after the meeting.

#21 & 22.  Pictures at the luncheon.  More great food and good company.  We always love being in good company!!!!!

Ron has labored long and hard to build a greenhouse in which to accomplish his new hobby—greenhouse gardening.  We are happy to announce that he has completed his first planting!!!!

#23 & 24.  Inside his new greenhouse. 

#25 & 26.  The outside of his greenhouse!!!

#27  & 28.  Trays of planted seeds.

#29.  He installed grow lights and a mister system.

Nikola and former Serbian Elder, Kevin Stadlbauer, were privileged to translate for General Conference.  They translated the talks from English into Serbian, live. 

#30.  Nikola and Kevin Stadlbauer in the translation booth at Spring General Conference 2011.

#31.  Stadlbauer’s friend, Nikola and Kevin Stadlbauer at Temple Square April 3, 2011. 

# 1

# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5 Todd Densley

# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

# 10

# 11

# 12

# 13

# 14

# 15

# 16

# 17

# 18

# 19

# 20

# 21

# 22


# 25

# 27

# 29

# 30

# 31

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