Mother Day
May 10th, 2009 by ron

Annette Kitchen

Annette Kitchen


This week has gone quickly and so many things from Friday on that I will just write about them and the pictures that are on the blog.

The first picture is of my kitchen and specifically my kitchen one hole sink. The hot water comes from the box in the cupboard ( the door is open so you can see it). The kitchen sink has it’s own water heater, however mine doesn’t produce hot water right now as I appear to have burned out the element. Have been waiting for 3 weeks for the landlord to have it fixed. I have to bring hot water from the bathroom to do dishes.

Today was Mother’s Day in the USA. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mothers out there! The cute elders presented me with a beautiful flower boquet today after church. They also gave me a big chocolate bar and a card that they had all written a sweet note. Thanks Elder Molina, Elder Knight, Elder Christiansen, and Elder Stodlebauer , you are all the best!

The third picture is in our livingroom with my beautiful flowers.

#4. My laundryroom – my washer takes 2 hours to wash 1 batch. The dryer is that drying rack, the screwdrivers that I am holding happen to be my opener for the washer as I broke the handle off a month or so ago and that also needs to be fixed. The orange cart is Mildred. She is our shopping cart and we love her a lot, without her our arms and shoulders would be dead from carrying our groceries and gallons of water home from the store.

#5. Our view of Belgrade from our 11th floor balcony. It is really pretty.

#6. Kalamegdon Fort. It is the old fort that was the protector of Belgrade many many years ago. We are told that the fort was captured by the enemy over 60 times! The cannons and guns are part of their arsenal of weapons.

#7. The branch had a priesthood outing on Saturday, May 9th. They went canoeing on the Danube River and Ron had a great time.

#8. The guys who participated in the outing.

Sorry that my writings are short this week. We ran out of time because we Skyped all of our kids and Ron has a bad case of pink eye and his right eye is swollen shut so we are off to bed at 12:15 am.

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  • Caroline & Dick writes:
    May 11th, 20092:54 amat

    You poor guys. You are really getting your health tested. Get well soon Ron. Can’t have those eyes swollen shut and keep on doing the Lords work. So be sure and call on the Lord to make everything better. Happy Mothers Day to you to Annette. Loved the card. It finally worked. Such a wonderful thing that you can communicate with your kids and family over skype. We certainly love it and love the way you are working on your blog. It really makes us all feel as if we are part of your mission. Thank you for sharing. Love you guys so much. Caroline & Dick

  • Cindy Larkin writes:
    May 11th, 20095:46 amat

    Love the new pictures and hearing about your weeks experiences! I hope you had a reallly great Mother’s Day today Aunt Net!!!

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