Last Week in Europe
September 26th, 2010 by ron

More greetings from Europe.  Last Sunday we were supposed to go to Venice, Italy for two days.  Because of flooding in Slovenia and Croatia, we didn’t make it.  We only made it into Slovenia and had to get a room in Koper because Ron got really sick so we stopped at the nearest town and spent the night.   Our driver was Nebojsa and we sure do appreciate him taking us that far. 

#1.   This is a view from out hotel room in Koper, Slovenbia.  We traded Koper for Venice!  It was so pretty.

#2.  On Monday we took a train to Ljubljana, Slovenia instead of going to Venice.

#3.  Ron rode up front with the train’s Engineer!  He loved it.

#4.  We stayed with Elder and Sister Lewis in Ljubljana.   Thank you to them for being so kind to us.  They go home from their mission in about a month.  They took us for a beautiful nature hike along a river near Ljubljana.

#5.  Tight quarters for Ron.

#6.  Paul and Mar Jean Lewis.

#7.  Gorgeous Scenery!

#8.  We went to dinner that evening with Paul and Mar Jean Lewis and Sis. and Pres. Hill.

#9.  From Ljubljana we took a train to Bern, Switzerland.  What was supposed to be 1 train ended up being 5 because of the flooding in Slovenia.  We met Les and Myra Goskirk from Scottland on the first train.  We traveled on to Munich, Germany together where we had to say good-by.   He is a retired Methodist Minister traveling with a just released LDS Missionary couple from Utah!   They were great and we enjoyed their company.

#10.  Beautiful Austria on our way to Bern, Switzerland.

#11.  In Bern, Switzerland-The Swiss National Bank!

#12.  Valiant Bank in Bern.

#13.  The Swiss Temple in neighboring Zollikofen.

#14.  The Temple was so beautiful.  It was built in 1955 and looks brand new.

#15.  We spent the entire day at the temple on Wednesday.  It  was a perfect day.

#16.  A view of Old Town Bern is like something out of a fairytale. 

#17.  A close-up of Old Town Bern.

#18.  A river runs through it—Old Town Bern that is!

#19.  On Friday we took a train and then a bus out into the countryside-Rothenbach and Eggiwil to try and find some Rebers.  We weren’t able to meet any Rebers from the area but we did make some new friends, Steffan Herschi and this nice girl who worked for the city of Eggiwil.  Steffan met up with us in a small Mercantile in Rothenbach where we were asking the clerk if she knew any Rebers.  Her English was very limited.  Steffan was there to buy some lighter for a BBQ.  He started talking with us and translating for us and ended up driving to the city offices of Rothenbach and Eggiwil to see if they had any historical records of the Rebers.  We weren’t successful but we did get a feel for where my ancestors of the Reber family came from.  Ron and I just kept saying that the testimonies of our ancestors who joined the church in Switzerland and then immigrated to the desert of Southern Utah had to have been very strong.  It would have been so hard to leave this beautiful area.  I am so thankful for their strength and their testimonies that paved the way for me.  I look forward to meeting them on the other side of the veil when my life is through.   My tears were so close in Switzerland.  I somehow felt closer to my ancestors while we were there.

#20.  The architecture with the flower boxes was so charming.

#21.  A covered bridge and charming home with an ironworks business on the street level.

#22.  Another home—very old but very well taken care of.

#23.  We loved this home!

#24.  On Saturday, Sept. 25 we took a bullet train to Paris.  Ron’s GPS clocked the train at 167 Miles Per Hour!!!!!

#25.  An easy way to get around Paris.  These bicycle stations are located all around Paris.  You deposit coins to release the bike.  Ride to where you need to go and drop it at a bike station near that location.  Ron thought this was a genius idea!

#26.  A normal street in Paris.

#30.  We walked to our hotel after church in Paris.  We took the subway to get there.  Our walk home took 2 hours!  It was sunny when we left the hotel and turned off cold and rainy.  I only got one blister on my toe.

#32.  Inside the courtyard of the church in Paris.

#33.  The University of Notre Dame.

#34.  More Notre Dame.

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