Red Cross on Monday
May 3rd, 2009 by ron

Dr Mike

Dr Mike Dr Slobodanka

Zone Conferance

Zone Conferance

Elder Eating

Elder Eating

Yellow Tie Zone

Yellow Tie Zone

Ready mix Truck

Ready mix Truck

April 2009

Another week has come and gone and it is crazy how fast the week goes by. I must admit that this week wasn’t quite as exciting as last week but also important.

We met with the Red Cross on Monday and had a very favorable meeting with them. After the meeting we hopped a trolley and went to New Belgrade. We were headed to a mall to pick up ink cartridges for our new printer and they are hard to find! Half way there the trolley just stopped and a message came over the speaker and everyone got off the bus and ran across a very busy highway. !(Remember, we don’t speak Serb.) Ron and I just stood there in amazement wondering what had just happened. A young college student, realizing our dilemma, ran back across the road and explained to us that the tracks were torn up a little further up the line and so we would need to take the bus the rest of the way. He was really nice and his English was good so he talked to us the whole way as we stood on the crowded bus to our stop. We got off, said our thank you’s and started walking towards the mall. By now the wind is starting to really pick up steam and it is trying to rain when a nice lady walked up to us. I recognized her as a lady who was also on the tram and the bus. She said excuse me, but I noticed you on the bus and I noticed something different about you. There is a different feeling when I am around you. We explained that we are humanitarian missionaries for the church. She walked with us all the way to the mall and wanted to show us around. We gave her our business card and a pass along card and invited her to church today but she didn’t come. We were disappointed. We had a hard time getting back home in the rain and trying to find the right bus. We walked for miles and the wind was so strong that it blew my umbrella inside out and broke it. That is typical Serbia, lots of wind and rain!

On Wednesday we went to Sremska Mitrovisa to meet with Dr. Mike and his colleagues who just happen to be the heads of Labor and Delivery and the New Born Dept of their hospital. We took them a new child’s wheelchair which made them really happy. Dr. Mike is a surgeon and is head of his region for hospitals. The region is the whole northern half of Serbia. These people are so nice and thankful for anything we can do to help them. We had the two local missionaries there to help us translate. One of the elders is Nellie Gubler’s grandson. His father is Marvin Gubler. He is a really fine elder and has been a lot of help to us as translator.

On Thursday we went to Novi Sad to meet with the a doctor who is head of pediatrics at their local hospital. When we arrived, we pulled up to a gate to enter when a woman came running our and yelling something which the elders Singer and Armstrong said was get out of the way-get out of the way!!! She was really irate! Come to find out, an ambulance was behind us and needed to get in. The crazy thing was, we were coming off of a very busy road and there wasn’t anywhere we could go except onto a sidewalk that was crowded with people. They cleared a spot for us to go! When the ambulance had pulled in, we explained to her that we had an appointment with Dr. Slobodanka Petrovic, head of pediatrics and that we had a wheelchair for her. The lady personally walked us in and cleared a place for us to park since we had something to give them. We had a great meeting with the Dr. and as we were leaving, the irate lady had cooled down and was waving and almost blowing us kisses!

On Saturday we had Zone Conference. The local elders asked Ron and I if we could prepare the lunch. I made sloppy joes with chips, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, (we are always trying to get a few vegetables into our diet) drinks and palacenkas for dessert. ( Palacenkas are thin crepes, Swedish pancakes, but in Serbia they serve them for dessert and they spread them with Nutella chocolate spread and man is it ever good. I fix it every Sunday for the elders for Sunday dessert after dinner! ) They slicked up every morsel of food we had and it was fun to see them eat and enjoy!

The pictures are of our meetings with the hospitals and doctors, of Zone Conference, me cooking palacinkas, of the elders enjoying lunch, and the one of all of the elders including Elder Densley is to let you know that Elder Densley has really made it! The elders bought matching ties for themselves and they even bought Elder Densley a tie to match theirs, soft yellow in color! I thought that that was so cool that they wanted him to have a tie to match all of them!!!!!

After church today Ron and the elders gave Nevena a blessing. She is a 23 yr. old testimony I have ever seen in someone of her age and she works for the church translating materials such as conference talks, manuals and such so that it can be translated into Serbian. She suffers from migraine headaches that put her out of commission for days and a week at a time. They gave her a really nice blessing after which the elders all came to our house with one of their investigators for lunch. I made them tacos and lots of them and palacinkas—lots of them also! They eat everything I put before them!!! Like hungry wolves.

We just got word that Elder D. Todd Christofferson is coming to Belgrade, Serbia on May 26. We are hoping that the investigator that came to dinner today will be getting baptized while he is here. Wouldn’t that be cool, to be baptized in the presence of a 12 apostle?!

One last note, the picture that we have included of the little cement mixer is for all of you construction people looking for innovation.

This little guy scoops up it’s own gravel, dumps it into the mixer and then the mixing process begins. Kind of cool huh?

To my sister Shirlene, thank you sooooooooooooooo much for the care package. It got here in 11 days and in perfect condition. THANK YOU THANK YOU.

We send our love to all.

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  • Michelle Gates writes:
    May 4th, 200912:38 amat

    Your blog address was in the ward bulletin today!! I love knowing you are keeping a blog. This will be so fun to stay up on what you’re doing. It’s amazing to me how you’ve only been gone a short time and have dived right into the thick of missionary work! What a great thing you are doing. Looking at your pictures of those delicious crepes reminds me of all your service on the behalf of our ward family. Anyone you cook for are the luckiest people on earth! Girls camp and the ward parties were the best! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Glad to see you are doing so well. Love you both!

  • Jana writes:
    May 5th, 20091:56 amat

    So I thought you said that not alot happened this past week. It sure sounds like you guys had plenty going on. It also sounds like the weather is pretty crazy. I love hearing all of your storries, and about all of your guy’s exsperiances. It sounds like the elders are hungry and keep you busy cooking. I’m sure they love your great cooking. KNow that you are missed, and our prayers are with you always.

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