The Country of Croatia
September 18th, 2010 by ron

Our first week since leaving our mission has been a happy/ sad occasion.  We were so sad to leave the wonderful people of Serbia and Bosnia that we learned to love so much,  but have been enjoying our trip through Europe and look forward to our reunion with our family and friends in the near future.

#1.  Picture inside the fortress in Dubravnik, Croatia.

#2.  A view of the fortress from the sea.

#3.  There are tons of exotic yachts and sailboats where the rich and famous play in the waters off Croatia.

#4. We loved the red roofs against the blue sky and the blue waters

#5.  Notice what the big yachts keep in their trunks here!  It’s a ski boat!!!!!

#6.  The views were breathtaking!

#7.  The wildlife.

#8.  A late lunch –seaside—after a boat ride and an afternoon of hiking around the peninsula.

#9.  It was so beautiful and there were more yachts that you can even imagine.

#10.  These beautiful beaches have no sand.  Only rocks and pebbles that kill your feet.

#11.  We never got tired of the whitewash houses, red roofs and ancient churches!

#12.  The sea water was crystal clear.

#13. Moving on to Zadar, Croatia.  We took an afternoon stroll  along the sea and across the footbridge.  It was amazing.  They have a series of channels in the concrete tha, when the waves roll in, forces air into the channels which makes sounds that they call a “Sea Organ”.  It was really neat!  As we sat there along the edge of the sea, we heard a symphony from the Sea Organ.

#14.  GORGEOUS Zadar sunset!!!!

#15.  Evening on the waterfront.

#16.  For those of you who remember Kresamir Cosic who played basketball for BYU and later went on to be a goodwill ambassador, he was bigger than life.  We visited his monument and the Mini-dome that is dedicated to him in Zadar.  He used his influence for good rather than for money.  He is the most beloved of all persons we have encountered while living in Europe and was a respected and faithful member of the church.  He passed away a number of years ago but his legacy lives on.

#17.  This is the mini-dome named after Cosic in Zadar.

#18.  This was our rental car.  Ugliest car in the parking lot but it served us well!  We drove it from Dubravnik to Pula-the entire Croatian Seacoast.

#19.  This ancient Roman Amphitheater is located in the heart of Pula, Croatia.  It dates back to 1st Century BC. 

#20.  Inside the Amphitheater.  Notice the water through the middle row of arches.  It is the Adriatic Sea.

#21. More inside the Amphitheater.

#22.  This is one of four ancient archways to the square in Pula.

#23.  This is a monument to Hercules.  The real Hercules!

# 1


# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

# 10

# 11


# 13

# 14

# 15

# 16

# 17

# 18

# 19

# 20

# 21

# 22

# 23

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