Saying Good bye
September 8th, 2010 by ron

This is our final week in Serbia.  We never dreamed it would be so hard to say goodbye but it has been really difficult.

#1.  Bro. & Sis. LaBoon arrived Monday evening with Pres. & Sis Hill.  We had dinner prepared for them and were happy to welcome them to Serbia!

#2.  Happy Birthday to both of them!  Sis LaBoon last week and Bro LaBoon the end of Sept. so we celebrated.

#3.  Saying goodbye to Dragica and Branislav at Red Cross Belgrade.  They gave us some neat goodbye gifts.

#4.  At the Branch Farm with Pres. & Sis Hill.

#5.  This is Ron’s creation—a place for the chickens to lay their eggs and as you can see, they love it!!!!

#6.  This is Milka the milk goat.  She gives 2 liters of milk per day.

#7.  Pres. Hill making friends with Milka.

#8.  At the Farm.

#9.  Pres. & Sis Hill.  They are the BEST!

#10.  At the Blind Home in Pancevo.  Me, Bro. LaBoon, Sis LaBoon, Nikola, Milka – the director of the

#11.  Congessman Flake from Arizona was in Belgrade on official business.  He is a member of the church and so he and his wife did a fireside at the church for the members in Serbia.

#12. “ The BEST Elders in the world “with Congressman Flake and Sis. Flake.

#13.  The Serbian members of the church who attended the fireside.

#14.  Elder Densley and Congressman Flake.

#15.  In Cicevac, where we are doing a water project,  the mayor (Zlaten) presented Ron with a Serbian Flag as a goodbye gift.  We will never forget the people of Civevac.  They were great!  I wasn’t able to be there, I was home sick in bed with some kind of flu virus that kept me down for nearly a week.

#16.  Ron and Mayor Zlaten at one of the water taps throughout town where the people go to get water that is safe to drink. 

#17.  Gypsy Car!!!!!

#18.  This lady lives in Cicevac but she has a daughter living in Salt Lake City.  This one is for her!  She reads our blog and so she now is a part of it.

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