Counting Down The Last Days In Serbia
August 22nd, 2010 by ron

We begin our last week in Serbia before our replacements come in.  They will arrive on Aug. 30th.  Our plans are to travel within Serbia the first week they are here.   We do plan to give them a couple of days to get over jetlag!

The second week we will show them around Bosnia.  We fly out of Serbia on Sept. 11th for places unknown and plan to arrive in SLC on Sept 28 around 2:00pm.

The events of this week have been farm, farm and more farm.  Ron has worked there every day from morning until late night.  He has been getting home at 9:00 pm.    We wanted to share photos of the farm and the progress and say THANK YOU to everyone who has spent time working  to make it a success.  The farm is the first of it’s kind in all of Europe and will be used as a prototype.  If it works out the way we think it is going to, they will copy the idea in other areas in Europe.

#1.  One night last week the elevator in our Apt. building stalled and was stuck between floors with Ron inside.   We called the emergency number inside the elevator and the man on the other end of the line was so rude to us.  He said his crew was headed to another area in the city to free another person stuck in an elevator and they didn’t know when they would be able to come free him.  Luckily Nikola and one of his friends were here and they knew what to do.  With a leatherman we were able to release the emergency release and get him free.  Hooray, he didn’t have to spend the night in the elevator after all!

#2.  Katarina and Lidija Vasica pulling weeds on the branch farm.

#3.  Lunch time!

#4.  Goran, who served his mission in SLC and is a native Serb, inspecting a board being used for siding  on the chicken coop.   The lumber here doesn’t come in standard sizes and so each boart had to be individually cut, and yes, this is a new board!

#5.  Elder Porter, from Centerville,  placing siding.

#6.  Elder Armstrong worked on the roofing.

#7.  Elder Beaumont, from Canada, worked on the roof also.

#8.  Homemade scaffolding—OSHA APPROVED—of course!

#9.  “

#10.  Katarina painting the gate.  Elder Densley let her choose the color of the paint for the gates.

#11.  New greenhouse, newly painted gate,  and new fencing and a nearly completed chicken coop.

#12.  Doesn’t it look great!

#13.  Paradise.  Serbian for tomatoes.

#14.  More of the gardens.  They are really starting to take off and look great.  This is the fall cabbage.  Cabbage is a staple in Serbian diet.  They make sour cabbage by salting each head where the core has been removed.  They then submerge the heads in a very huge container  that is filled with very salty water and let it stay there all winter.  They can start using it after it sours.  Probably takes 3-4 weeks to be ready.   They make salad out of it and sarmas, which are the sour cabbage leaves stuffed with seasoned hamburger, rice and onion and other seasonings.  They layer the sarmas  in a large pot covered with water and simmer them for hours.  They are quite tasty.

#15.  Branch Pres. Nikola Kovic on the roof.  He has worked his heart out on the farm to help get this project done.  We love you Nikola and for your support.  Good luck to you.

#16.  Three very tired elders near the close of the day.  They have been such great help.  THANK YOU Elders!  Pictured here are Elder Armstrong, Elder Beaumont and Elder Jasper.  All of you moms with missionaries in Serbia, you can be proud of your Missionary Sons!!!!!  They are the best!!!!!


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