Bosnia Lake
August 15th, 2010 by ron

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Bosnia.  We never get tired of the scenery in Bosnia.  The scenery on the way to Bosnia is quite beautiful as well.

#1.  A sunflower field in Serbia.  Notice the bees buzzing around the trailer?  They just drive up, drop the trailer and allow the bees to do their magic.

#2.  They also left the truck in the field.  It makes for quick exit as soon as the sunflowers are cleared away.

#3.  The greenhouse we donated to Zenica, Bosnia Agricultural High School.

#4.  A very bad hair day!  Too much humidity but the greenhouse loves the humidity.  The cucumbers are doing well and they are donated to the Red Cross for their soup kitchen.

#5.  Sarajevo, Bosnia’s answer to Pizza Hut!  The pizza is cooked in a wood fired brick oven and in order to deposit the pizza in to the oven, they have to use some really long paddles.   So long, in fact, that the handles extend past the sidewalk out front.  Some pretty tasty pizza though!

#6.  Watermelon in bed!  No I didn’t eat the whole thing!  Hardly ate any  but it sure was good.

#7.  A  Muslim Mosque in Bosnia.  This was the beginning of Ramadan.

#8.  This is a beautiful little village high up in the mountains in Bosnia.

#9.  This is Ron and I with the Vice Minister of Sports for Bosnia & Herzegovina.

#10.  The wildflowers are so beautiful and are everywhere in Bosnia and Serbia.

#11.  Cheese, Cheese pie and Kimack for sale and all homemade.

#12.  The local mountain 7-11 super store!

#13.  Bosnia has wonderful springs everywhere.  This is one of them.

#14.  Isn’t it beautiful?  It reminded us of the movie “ The Sound Of Music” or the movie “Heidi”

#15.  Another family business—Cheese and cheese pie for sale.

#16.  This Muslim Masque was on our way home from Bosnia.  The lights on the two towers is a sign that Ramadan has begun.

#17.  Harvest day.  Notice the one ripe tomato!  Ron says it is worth about $100.00.  Also, notice the blood running down Ron’s nose.  He had an encounter with a 2 X 4 at the farm.

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