Young Single Adults In Poland
August 1st, 2010 by ron

Even though we are Humanitarian Missionaries, we wear many hats.  One of them is being over the Young Single Adults here in Serbia.  We just returned from a week in Sczcyrk, Poland at YSA Conference.

#1.  We visited Auschwitz Death Camp that was only 1 ½ hrs. from Szczyrk.  Over 4 million people, mostly Jews, Gypsies and Polish lost their lives there, including men, women and children.

In this photo are young adults from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

#2.  Double electric fence around the prison.

#3.  Notice the guard tower in background.

#4.  Gas chamber/crematorium where many people lost their lives.

#5.  Each chimney in this field marks the spot where barracks’ once stood.  They were just like the one in the foreground.

#6.  More if the same.

#7.  Prisoners were brought here in train cars just like this one, 100 or more to every car—standing room only.  The journey often lasted 2 days or more and many people didn’t survive the train ride.  The sad fact is, most of them came willingly.  They were promised good employment and a new life.  Most lived 3 months or less, some only a day or two if they made it at all.

#8.  This was a crematorium.  The German soldiers tried to destroy the evidence when they got word that the Red Army would soon be there.  They weren’t able to destroy all that they wanted to and so we still have evidence of the atrocities that occurred there.

On to the pleasant part of our trip!

#9.  We had so many great experiences, one being a service project.  We rode a ski lift to the top of the mountain where we put on our yellow “ Helping Hands Around The World” vests!  We made birdhouses for the local habitat, cleaned garbage along trails and enjoyed the beautiful view from 3500 ft.  The air was so fresh and crisp.

#10.  Beautiful Poland!

#11.  More beautiful Poland.

#12.  The really huge building in the center of this photo is the Hotel where we stayed and where the conference was held.  It was really neat.  We hardly left the hotel at all.  There was so much to do there and the conference was so well organized.

#13.  Ron and I were in charge of the table tennis competition at the conference.  The young man who is black is from Nigeria and won the championship for the Young men.  He won one game while talking on the cell phone!  The white T-shirt won 2nd place and the red t-shirt won 2nd place.  The young lady won the girls competition.  It was really a lot of fun.  We had about 24 participants.

#14.  We had midnight visitors one night at our room.  They sang Christmas Carrols and asked for Chocolate!  We knew that they were coming and so we were ready with lots of Chocolate goodies!  Polish Chocolate isn’t nearly as good as Serbian and Swiss Chocolate.  It was so much fun to make friends with these great young people.  The young man in the bottom right hand in the white shirt and tie is a branch president in Croatia at 26 yrs. Old.    He is an amazing young man.

#15.  A view of downtown Szczyrk, Poland.  It reminds us of Park City, Utah 40 years ago.

#16.  This ski jump is located right in the middle of town (Szczyrk).  Many Olympic hopefuls come to train here.  Notice the skier near the bottom of the center run.  It was really interesting to sit and watch them.  They were really good!

#17.  Me, Ron, Radoslav Ivanovic, Andrea Basten ( She is an opera singer and really good ), and Ljubica Ivanovic.  Andrea is from Belgrade and Radoslav and Ljubica are from Sremska Mitrovica.

#18.  This is the whole group that we took from Serbia.  Radoslav, Petar, Ron, Me, Andrea and Ljubica!

We sure had a great time and it is wonderful to see the strength of the church in central Europe come together for this conference.

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# 2

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# 7

# 8

# 9


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# 16

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