Bosnia And Herzegovina
July 25th, 2010 by ron

We spent the past week traveling in Bosnia.  We signed contracts for two water projects, visited two of our greenhouses and took a day to sightsee in Mostar, Bosnia.

#1.  This is the greenhouse that we donated to the Agricultural School/Red Cross in Kilesija, Bosnia.  The produce is donated to the needy people in the area and is distributed by the Red Cross.  It is a successful project.

#2.  More Greenhouse.

#3.  Remember the cow that we donated  to the Muslim grandmother in Bosnia?   That cow just gave birth to a beautiful baby calf!  The family was so happy.

#4.  This is her grandson.  He sat up all night with Sara the cow while she was giving birth.  He loves Sara and he is so thrilled with her baby.  The calf is 1 day old in this picture.

#5.  In this photo is the grandmother, her daughter-in-law, her 4 grandchildren, Ron & me and Nermin, our Bosnian translator. 

#6.  Ron is signing the contract on the water project for Fojnica, Bosnia.

#7.  I am putting our sticker on the greenhouse that says “Donated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”.  This greenhouse is in Sarajevo.

#8.  More Sarajevo Greenhouse.  Bosnia is so Beautiful!

We took Thursday afternoon of this past week and did some sightseeing.  We went to Mostar which is 167 Kilometers south of Sarajevo.  Mostar looks more like desert compared to most of Bosnia and I loved the low humidity. 

#9.   We stopped along the way to see this bridge that was blown up during the most recent war.

#10.  Bosnia is mostly Muslim.  There are many interesting masques in Bosnia.

#11.  Signs of the past wars are visible all over Mostar.

#12.  This foot bridge was blown up and destroyed during the war around 1992 or 1993.  Years later they fished the stones out of the river and reconstructed it the way it was originally built.

#13.  More masques in Mostar.  Notice the other towers in the background.  Each is another masque.

#14.  More of the bridge that was reconstructed!

#15.  “

#16.  This photo was taken from the bridge. 

#17.  Lambs on the barby.  It was really tasty!!!!

#18.  Walking through the village and marketplace in Mostar.

#19.  They eat a lot of honey in Bosnia and Serbia and it is really tasty.  This is a mobile Beehive in the mountains of Bosnia.

#20.  More Mostar!

#21.  This old village in Mostar dates back hundreds of years.

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# 20

# 21

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  • Cindy Larkin writes:
    August 20th, 201011:04 pmat

    Beautiful pictures! Love the one of you eating watermellon in bed!

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