It’s Heating up in Serbia
July 18th, 2010 by ron

It has really turned off to be really hot in Serbia.  Despite the heat, the work goes on.  We spent 3 days traveling to central and southern Serbia this past week with much success.

#1.  We stopped in Cicevac to see how the water project was moving along.  They will begin putting pipe in the ground in August.  They have spent the past few months getting through public procurements and other legalities and will soon begin the actual work!  The train station in Cicevac is over 100 years old and is still in operation.  Pictured here are Slavica from the Red Cross, Annette, Ron, The Mayor’s Secretary,  Red Cross Pres., and Zlatin, the mayor.

#2.  We visited a pottery shop in Cicevac.  The owner of the shop learned the trade from his dad.  He is 63.

#3.  His wood fired Kiln.

#4.  We did a Rough Rider Wheelchair Training and Presentation in Kraljevo on Friday.  Ron and Nikola did the teaching to 3 volunteers on how to prescribe, fit and adjust each wheelchair. 

#5.  What more can I say??????

#6.  Ron talking at the Rough Rider Wheelchair Presentation Ceremony on Thursday.

#7.  Ron Presented Dr. Arsic, from the Studenica Health Center,  with a certificate for his help and support.  He is a great man.

#8.  After the presentation ceremony, we visited with this nice lady in the wheelchair.  She is so happy to receive a Rough Rider wheelchair because she will finally be able to go outdoors and do things that she was limited with doing in the past.  She was so sweet and she totally made my day.  She gave me a BIG KISS right between the eyes!  The 3 men are our volunteers who will be fitting and adjusting the wheelchairs for each recipient and the lady with the certificate is Roda from the Red Cross.

#9.  This is mother and daughter.  This mother is so dedicated to taking care of her handicapped daughter who has no use of her hands, feet or legs.

#10.  On Friday we visited 3 greenhouses that we have donated to agricultural schools in Southern Serbia.  This is inside the Kraljevo Greenhouse.  You can see that these tomatoes are thriving and producing like crazy.  They had just picked the tomatoes the night before.  All of the produce is donated to the Red Cross in their city for use in their Soup Kitchens.

#11.  More!!!!!!!  Ron is now convinced that he needs a greenhouse when we get home.

#12.  They grow cucumbers the same way.

#13.  These are the kids that take care of the greenhouse gardens under the direction of the lady with the black hair and white shoes.  She really runs a tight ship!!!!

#14.  Greenhouse in Leskovac.  It is the same process as in Kraljevo and Prokuplija.

#15.  Nikola searching for ripe blackberries in Prokuplija.

#16.  You can see why Serbia is considered the “breadbasket” of central Europe.  You plant it, it will grow!

#17.  This is the Belgrade Branch Food Project for members and their friends and family.  Anyone who wants to come and work can share in the produce.

#18.  The new irrigation drip system.

#19.  Members working on the farm.

#20.  Elder Jasper hoeing weeds.  What would we do without our Elders??????????

#21.  Elder Christiansen hoeing weeds.  We love our Elders!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#22.  This is the branch’s gravity flow irrigation system.  They run the pump to fill the tank and then it is gravity flow drip system.  Pictured here, Dusan Vasica, Sis Violeta Vasica, and Suzie Vasica hiding behind the tank.  The farm is located on the Vasica property.


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