Sun Flowers in Serbia
July 14th, 2010 by ron


We have had another busy week which is so normal for us.  Here are the pictures of our travels.

#1.  This is inside the pump house at the Belgrade Food Project.  Now they won’t have to water the plants by hand.

#2.  This water is from the new well that we dug.  We just got the system up and running and Big “D” is pretty happy!

#3.  Out standing in a Serbian Sunflower field.

#4.  “

#5.  Nikola and I.

#6.  Sunflowers stretch as far as the eye can see.

#7.  Beautiful!!!!!

#8.  Rajko is a refugee from Croatia.  He has a very bad heart and can’t do much manual labor.  We helped him with a multi-cultivator that he shares with his little village.  He is really appreciative of it.

#9.  Dr. Mike and his Dr. wife are from Sremska Mitrovica.  They attended our Neo-Natal Resuscitation training last Nov. and have gone on to get the program certified with the Serbian Health Ministry and are certified to teach all over Serbia.

#10.  Inside the newborn nursery in Sremska Mitrovica.

#11.  From Sremska Mitrovica we drove to Subotica.  It is a neat city near the Hungarian Border.  This is their city hall and it is a really pretty building.  Austro-Hungarian Styling.

#12.  This waterfall is located in the city square just outside the city hall.  It cost over a million dollars to build.  Each tile is custom made for this fountain.

#13.  More Subotica at night in the city square.

#14.  While in Subotica, we met with the Rehabilitation Center there.  We went to see how their EKG machine that we donated to them was working and how they like it.  We also gave them 15 wheelchairs.  The lady in the center is the Director of the facility and she cried when she said “tell the members of your church Thank You for this donation”.  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

#15.  She and I both had a good cry together.  She is such a great lady.

#16.  This is one of our chairs being used.  Before our donation, they had only a few chairs that were in really bad repair.  There was no rubber on some of the wheels and it was painful to transport their patients in them.  They also had a shortage and had to shuffle chairs from building to building to make it work.  Now they have enough chairs and they are all brand new!

#17.  Another chair in use.  The smile tells it all!

#18.  We also drove to Sombor to visit the Orphanage that day.  We wanted to see how things are going for them.  We donated 3 sofas for their TV room.  The kids just love them and keep them covered with quilts so they won’t get dirty.  The smallest boy in this photo ran up to me when we arrived and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek!  They have so many needs, the most important being love and attention.

# 1

# 2

# 3



# 6

# 7

# 8

# 9

# 10


# 12

# 13

# 14

# 15

# 16

# 17

# 18

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  • Cindy Larkin writes:
    August 20th, 201011:09 pmat

    LOVE the sunflower patch pics!!!

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