July 4th In Serbia
July 7th, 2010 by ron

For the week of June 27- July 3.  We have gotten a little behind and so we are posting twice this week!

Ron and I represented the Church at the US Embassy 4th of July Party held on June 2nd.   It is held annually at the US Ambassador’s residence.  The grounds and gardens are just beautiful and are shaded by dozens of huge shade trees.  It was a very hot day but was shade trees made it enjoyable!

#1.  Ron and I with three Embassy employees  who are Americans and members of our church.

#2.  More Embassy Party photos.

#3.  It is a very high security party and everyone had to pass through metal detectors to gain entry.

#4.  This is our Branch Farm and our little green bean patch!

#5.  More Branch Farm and our squashes.

#6.  This little building is the pump house.  When it is finished, it will be finished with stucco and will look real nice.

#7.  Elder Christiansen and Elder Jasper mixing cement for the farm.

#8.  This is the new generator at the farm that will be used to power the pump.

#9.  On Saturday, July 3, we had a Hawaiian Luau for the Young Single Adults.  Here Ron is trying his best to do the hula hoop!   It was really a lot of fun.  We played some games, learned how to hula and do the hula hoop and finished off the evening with a nice dinner of Hawaiian Haystacks, Fruit Bowl and Tropical Drinks.

#10.  Some of the people who attended were Marina, Sis. Justice ,  Nevena, Lidija, and Vera.  Sis Justice is a Sr. Sister serving in Slovenia and came to Serbia with Bro. & Sis Lewis who are over YSA in Central Europe.

#11.  Elder Jasper showing everyone how it is done!!!!!

#12.  Elder Christiansen doing a good job with the hula hoop with Elder Beaumont offering a bit of advice on how it is done!

#13.  Me,Vera and liljana getting the food ready to be eaten.  It was devoured in no time.  We asked everyone how they liked it and everyone said that they did except Nikola Kovic who is the Branch Pres.  He said it’s not for him.  It needed to include bread to be acceptable in his books!!!!  We are blessed to have some really neat Young Single Adults who will be the future leaders in the church here in this region.

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# 2

# 3

# 4

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