July in Serbia & Bonsia
July 1st, 2010 by ron

We didn’t write for a few weeks because our computer crashed and it took us some time to get it up and running.  Hooray, we are so happy to be connected with the outside world again!

In the past three weeks we have completed an intensive wheelchair training, done a presentation at a Blind Home, a presentation at a Home for the Mentally Challenged and visited Bosnia and two water projects that we have going there.  We also visited Banja Luka, Bosnia in hopes of setting up a Neo-natal Resuscitation Program there for November 2010.  We have had some wonderful experiences that we love to share through our photos.

#1.  This is a German Concentration Camp in Nis, Serbia during WWII.  It is as if they walked away from it yesterday.  It must have been a horrible place to be.

#2.   More of the camp.

#3.  There are some cells inside the building where they housed the prisoners.  Barbed wire is attached all over the floors of the cells.  The person or persons who were held inside these cells could not sit or lie down without barbed wire poking them.  What a terrible way to torture people.

#4.  In mid- May, we did a Neo-natal Resuscitation program in Southern Serbia.  Nevena and Nikola were our main translators.  They wanted to go out for ice cream one evening but it was too cold and they hadn’t come prepared for the cold so they borrowed Mom & Dad Densley’s coats!  Don’t they look cute!!!!

#5.  A quaint little Catholic Cathedral in Banja Luka, Serbia.

#6.  Banja Luka Fortress.

#7.  Annette and Nikola Stan, our translator, friend and Serbian Teacher.

#8.  Bosnia is one of the most beautiful places on earth but much of their trash ends up in their rivers.  This big piece of equipment is there just to scoop the trash out of the river before it passes through the turbines of a small dam.

#9.  Upstream from the dam.

#10.  We loved this quaint little Bosnian Village. 

#11.  Inside a Catholic Cathedral in Fojnica, Bosnia.

#12.  This Cathedral is located inside a Monastery in Fojnica.

#13.  On the grounds of the monastery is a really cool museum and library full of really old and rare books dating back as far as the 1400’s.  They have a section that we didn’t get to see but it houses all of the birth and death records dating back that far.

#14.  They also have old newspapers bound into books.  This newspaper was from 1945 at the end of WWII.  This article was of Teto, the former Yugoslav leader shaking hands with the Russian President for liberating Yugoslavia during WWII.

#15.  Can I say how much I dislike this picture.  You can thank Ron for the “Deer in the Headlights” photo!  He wanted to show the wild strawberries that the guys picked for me and they were delicious!  I had never had wild strawberries before.

#16.  Ron, Nikola, Namik from the Red Cross and the City of Fojnica engineer took a long hike through the wilderness to a spring in the mountains of Bosnia.  I waited at the car for their return, picking wildflowers and writing in my journal.  When they returned, about an hour later, they had picked me this beautiful bouquet of wildflowers! 

#17.  People do whatever they can to make a living.  These people cut wood in the forest and char it in big kilns to make charcoal to be used in BBQ’s.  This vehicle is called a Moto-cultivator and you see them everywhere, even in downtown Belgrade!  It is amazing how useful they are!

#18.  Nikola and me!

#19.  This is a kiln where they char the charcoal.

#20.  A close-up of a kiln.  Notice how beautiful the scenery is behind the kiln.

#21.  Ron and I looking over the city of Fojnica.

#22.  So much history is buried under Fojnica because it is such an ancient city.  These water pipes were dug up as they were working in the streets of Fojnica.  They date back to the ancient Roman era.

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  • Cindy Larkin writes:
    August 20th, 201011:12 pmat

    those old books are amazing! I’d like to open them and see all the hidden treasures inside.

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