Summer in Serbia
June 8th, 2010 by ron

We celebrated our 41st Wedding Anniversary on June 6th.  On Saturday evening we went to the movie “Shrek the Final Adventure”, to dinner and for a walk along the Sava River.

#1.  Our official Anniversary photo!

#2.  On Sunday Elders Christiansen and Beaumont presented us with a “vintage 1969” bottle of Coca Cola!  At least that is what the tinfoil wrapper said!!!!  We have never lost our taste for diet coke even though we gave it up for over a year.

#3.  Sunday dinner with Nikola, Elder Armstrong, E. Beus, E. Christiansen, E. Beaumont and our friend and a member of the branch, Irena Mitrovic.

#4.  A view of the Belgrade Fortress as seen from across the Sava River.

#5.  The river is raging.  This floating restaurant normally sits on the river’s edge but because the river is so high, you can’t get to it.

#6.  More floating restaurants and clubs beyond reach.  Notice the pink thing in the water.  It is a concrete bench in the shape of a watermelon slice—-also a little out of reach!

#7.  Bro. Vasica and Pres. Kovic on the farm.  It rained for 2 weeks straight and so the mud was really sticky.  Pres Kovic spotted the first ripe strawberry and wanted Sis. Densley to have it but the only way he could reach it was through the mud, so he laid wooden planks down so he wouldn’t sink to his ankles in the mud!

#8.  The new pump house in progress.

#9.  Washing that first little Strawberry!

#10.  Another beautiful sky over Belgrade after the storm.

#11.  Moonshine stills in every shape, size and variety.


# 2

# 3

# 4

# 5

# 6

# 7

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  • Jana writes:
    June 14th, 20102:59 amat

    Happy Anniversary! It looks like it is warming up from all that snow. I hope things continue to go well for you. Before we know it you guy’s are going to be home.

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