End Of May
June 2nd, 2010 by ron

It’s June and where is the sunshine?  It feels like December.  When it gets hot, we are going to die!! 

Pic #1.  Elder Knight and Elder Jasper did a presentation in Subotica (northern Serbia) for us.  We were doing an NRT program in Southern Serbia so they filled in for us.  They distributed 15 wheelchairs and an EKG Machine to a Rehabilitation Center there.  The man standing with the cane had heard about the church and wrote to Church headquarters in SLC asking for help.  We were happy to help them.

#2.  Elder Knight doing a press conference at the presentation.

#3.  The smiles tell it all! 

#4.  We gave 100 wheelchairs to the Clinical Center Belgrade.  Pictured here:  Sec. General of the Red Cross, Elder Christiansen, Elder Beaumont, me, Dragica-our friend who is Director over Social Welfare for Red Cross, Ron, Branislav-also our friend who is Coordinator for Communicable Diseases for the Red Cross, and Bro. Savic.  Bro Savic has been a member of the church for over 20 yrs, and lives here in Belgrade and is also a good friend.

#5.  At the press conference, Ron was talking with the Director of the Hospital.

#6.  View from our flat of a “ Beautiful Belgrade Sunset”!!

#7.  Ron is always intrigued with construction in Serbia because they build so much differently that we do in the States.  Here they are laying asphalt—using a wheelbarrow.

#8.  We organized a service project for our YSA Group.  Vera Jovanovic, Irena Mitrovic, Lidija Vasica, Katarina Vasica, & Nikola Kovic.  Nikola is our Branch Pres. here in Belgrade.  They cleaned the back patio at the church.  There was a big pile of sand that needed to be bagged and moved and they did a great job.  They are really amazing young people and  we love that they all speak really good English!

#9.  Vera is available—–Sis Densley is not!  Vera served a mission to Florida 3 or 4 years ago.  She is a hairdresser and just recently opened her own shop.  She now cuts our hair and does a good job.

#10.  Irena is the custodian at the church.  I was cleaning the kitchen at the church after our zone conference and she was trying to kick me out!  We missionaries had made the mess and so I wouldn’t leave until the job was done.

#11.  Ron signing “Phase 1” papers to proceed on Cicevac Water Project.  Jovica from the City of Cicevac met us at our flat in Belgrade to sign the go ahead papers on phase one.  They can now start moving dirt and laying pipe!!!!!  Pictured here: Jovica, Nikola Stan and Ron.

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  • Jelence writes:
    June 6th, 20101:14 pmat

    Bleso, tvoje mesto definitivno je u kuhinji i za stolom, koliko god se ti pridrzavala svog rezima ishrane od toga nema nista kada dodjes u crkvu sve pada u vodu.


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