NRT In Kraljevo & Nis Serbia
May 26th, 2010 by ron

The past week and a half we spent on the road doing NRT programs in Southern Serbia.  It was a crazy schedule but very rewarding.  The pictures tell the story!

#1.  Dr Bennett from Farmington, Ut. and his wife Marcia came to head up the training team.  Here Dr. Bennett explains a procedure to the Dr’s and nurses.

#2.  Dr. Denton from Pocatello, Idaho came to train the Serbian Dr’s and Nurses with Dr. Bennett.  Both of our American Doctors were amazing and very qualified to do the job.  Thank you to both of them and to Marcia Bennett who is the “Nerve Center” of the whole operation.  They all give of their time and means to come to places around the world to present this program that is approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

#3.  We gave a gift through Latter-day Saint Charities, to the hospital in Kraljevo.  This is the gift- a warming blanket machine that is so valuable for surgery to keep the patient warm.  In this case, babies.

#4.  Ron and I listening as they announced us are doing in at  the Awards Ceremony in Kraljevo.  They told what we are doing in Serbia and for how long we have been here and will be here.

#5.  This was the whole training team in Kraljevo.  Some were Serbian doctors and nurses who were trained by Dr. Bennett and Dr. Denton.

#6.  From Kraljevo, we drove to Nis to do another NRT training.  We took the American Doctors to see an old German Concentration Camp that is located in Nis.  It looks as though they just recently walked away from it.  The pictures on the walls in the background are of people who were killed while prisoners in this camp.  It is just the saddest thing to see but is such a part of history here. 

#7.  Barbed wire was strung on the floors so that the prisoners couldn’t lie down.  They had to stand all the time or have the torture of barbed wire poking you.  Another form of torture.

#8.  On the bright side, we continue to have beautiful produce to eat.

#9.  At the NRT trainings, we provided lunch (Rucuk) for the participants.   Serbs love meat and bread.  They call this “GRILL” because the little meats and sausages are cooked on a grill.  They serve it everywhere and if they want to give you the best they have to offer, they serve you grill.  For this reason, we served them grill!  Everyone was happy!!!!

#10.  This is our teaching team from Nis.

#11.  Ron spoke at the closing ceremonies in both Kraljevo and Nis.  He also spoke a bit to them in Serbian.  They understood him  because he explained to them what we are doing here and then he told them to applaud if they understood and they all broke out in applause and laughter!  They loved it.  Dr Bennett and Dr Denton also wore Serbian Hats in the closing ceremonies.  The local Serbians loved the gesture of good will.  The lady in the black and red blouse is our local champion doctor.  Her name is Ljiljana and she is a great lady.

#12.  The training team in Nis.

#13.  On this past Monday we met with a maternity hospital in Novi Sad.  They attended the train that we did last Nov.  They deliver around 7000 babies per year and so we presented them with an intibating manikin to help them to train all of their staff at that hospital.

#14.  Marcia and Dr. George Bennett and Ron and me outside the Maternity Hospital in Nis.  It rained the whole 2 weeks the Bennett’s were here except the last day.  This day was beautiful.

#15.  P-day in Novi Sad with Elder Jasper and Elder Knight.  The building we are stand in front of is Novi Sad’s city hall.  There is so much old, very beautiful architecture here in Serbia.  We love it!

#16.  We also visited a Pravaslav ( Serbian Orthodox) church.  It was really different from most of the Orthodox churches we see here.  This is a stained glass window in that church.  Every window was a different scene and very beautiful.

#17.  Monday was Nikola’s Dad’s Birthday.  When we took Nikola home, we took the time to wish his dad a Happy Birthday and get a photo.  In this photo are his dad Dusan Stan and his mom Mirjana ( Mira) Stan.  They are lovely people.

#18.  While we were in Nis, we went out for a stroll one nevening and happened upon these “Traditional Dancers” performing in the town square.  It was really a treat to watch them perform.  Their teacher, who made many of their costumes and taught them the dances, is a member of our church.  His name is Mica.  He is the only active member in Nis.  When he is able to come to church, he has to ride a bus to Belgrade which is a 4 hr. bus ride away.  He attends once a month and everyone is so happy when he is able to come.

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