May 16th, 2010 by ron

We went to Sarajevo, Bosnia this past week to organize a program that we are working on.  Along the way, through the mountains of Bosnia, traffic came to a complete stop for 30 minutes.  We learned, as we sat there, that they were clearing landmines ahead and so traffic had to wait.  There are many areas where landmines are located and so it is dangerous to go trekking off into the woods.  They are remnants of the wars in the 90’s and early 2000’s.  Bosnia is absolutely beautiful and it is such a shame that wars have polluted nature with such horrible remnants.

#1.  Waiting for traffic  to begin moving again as they clear landmines.

#2.  We saw this beautiful double rainbow in Sarajevo.

#3.  This huge cemetery is located on the hillside in Sarajevo.  Due to so many wars in this area, there are many cemeteries  just like this throughout all of Bosnia.  Half of this cemetery is Muslim (the white headstones).  The other half is Catholic and other Christian denominations.

#4.  This is the greenhouse that LDS Charities donated to the Ag. School and the Red Cross in Kalesija, Bosnia.  They are growing tomatoes to use in the Red Cross’s soup kitchen in Kalesija.  They are doing a great job!

#5.  More of the greenhouse!

#6.  Nikola Stan(our translator), Nevena Beric (another translator and a member from Belgrade), Me, Ron, Dr. & Sis Bennett from Farmington, Ut.  They are here to do a Neo-Natal Course in southern Serbia starting today, May 16.

#7.  On our way home from Sarajevo, Ron just had to stop at a roadside stand and buy some just-picked strawberries from the growers. They were delicious!  Serbia is definitely the breadbasket of Europe.

#8.  Ron took the Bennett’s to see Avala Tower on Saturday.  This is a view from the tower.

#9.  We took the Bennett’s and Dr. Denton  ( from Pocatello, Idaho- here as an instructor for the Neo-Natal training program) to the Saint Sava Temple here in Belgrade.  While we were inside the temple, a huge thunder storm hit.  It poured rain for 15-20 minutes.  Rain is expected all of this next week.

#10.  This is a view of the Belgrade walking street at Center.  Most major cities in Europe have a walking street where cars aren’t allowed and people flock to these areas.  There are sidewalk cafés and shops and ice cream vendors by the dozens.  It is a fun place to go.

We will be in southern Serbia all of this coming week to do our NRT Program.  We have been organizing it since November and now it is time to show our stuff.  We say thanks to the Bennett’s and to Dr. Denton for coming here for the week to do this program.  Because of them, babies who might not make it will have a better chance at survival. 

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