May First In Serbia
May 3rd, 2010 by ron

On Tuesday we visited a hospital for the handicapped in Southern Serbia.  It is located in the outer reaches of Serbia, back in the woods in a beautiful setting.  The residents suffer from such things as downs syndrome and cerebral palsy and other problems and range in ages from newborn until death.  Most of them have been abandoned by their families and so the hospital becomes their family.  It was a toughing experience to visit there and see what we could do to help.

1.Some if the kids and doctors at the hospital.

2.On our way back to the highway, we passed this house that was for sale.  We stopped and inquired and the selling price was 20,000 Euro.  That is about $30,000.oo US dollars.

3.On Friday we went to the Piaca ( the outdoor market).  We love to buy our fruits and vegetables there.  This sweet Baca (grandmother) was so thrilled when we asked if we could take her picture.  She was primping and arranging her scarf just right and when we were done, she gave me the biggest kiss on the cheek!  It made my day.  You will notice that she didn’t smile.  That is because she has no teeth.  That is common over here.  Most older people are missing many or all of their teeth.  Not sure why.

4.  The produce we bought.  Doesn’t it look yummy!

5.  On May 1, all of Serbia celebrates by going out for some kind of a picnic or BBQ.  We, in the Belgrade Branch did the same thing.  We went to Ada Park ( the Belgrade Sea) which is a manmade lake where everyone flocks to get away from the concrete of the city.  We BBQ’d chalape which is hamburger and soya that is highly seasoned and real tasty!  The Elders did the cooking, namely Elder Armstrong.  He did a great job and Elders Beaumont and Christiansen tended the fire.  You need to notice our grill.  It is the rack out of the oven at the church propped up on rocks with charcoals for the fire.  It worked great but wasn’t too much fun to clean.  It took me about an hour but was good as new!

6.  Annette adding tomatoes to the salad with branch members in background.

7.  Irena Mitrovic cutting bread with Sis. Sophia Maric in the background.  She remembers Matt from when he served part of his mission here in Belgrade!

8.  Branch members at the picnic. There were 32 people who came and we all had a really fun time.  Ron took baseball, bat, and mitts that he found in the garage at the church and played some American Baseball.  They don’t play baseball here and so

Ron laughed his head off watching these people play baseball for the first time in their life!  It was hilarious!

9.  Ron has made a new friend.  Her name is Sariah and she is a little doll.  She doesn’t let too many people hold her so this is amazing but she does love Bro. Densley!

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