Serbian Branch Farm
April 26th, 2010 by ron

Another week in Paradise and lots of pictures!

#1.  We were in Sarajevo, Bosnia on Friday and passed a cemetery loaded with people.  We enquired and found that was a Christian Day to honor the dead. Like our Memorial Day.

#2.  The beautiful Bosnian countryside with tons of wild apple blossoms growing everywhere.

#3.  We see all sorts of huge smoke stacks billowing out smoke everywhere in Bosnia.  There is a lot of pollution.

#4.  We are doing a humanitarian project for the branch here in Belgrade.  A member family, the Vasica’s own a parcel of land that they have agreed to share with the branch.  We, through the humanitarian department of the church are helping them develop a wonderful food project.  They will receive a well, fruit trees, berry bushes, a large vegetable garden, chickens, a goat or two, a greenhouse so that they can extend the growing season and the whole thing will be fenced in.  This picture is of the well in the process of being dug by hand.

#5.  More well pictures.

#6.  Branch Pres. Nikola Kovic, Bro. Vasica who owns the land, & Elder Armstrong from Taylorsville, Utah planting fruit trees.

#7.  Planting raspberry and current bushes.

#8.  Bro. Vasica is such a generous man to sign a lease allowing the Branch to share his garden spot and fruit trees.

#9.  More planting.

#10.  This is Europe’s answer to the small tractor.  It is like a big tiller that is hooked to a trailer with a driveline and is actually street legal.  We see them everywhere!

#11. Dunja Vasica watering the new trees.

#12.  Dunja pumping water from the neighbor’s well.

#13.  The well diggers had the well dug and pumping water in just a day.

#14.  Katharina Vasica.  She is quite a runner and competes all over Europe.

#15.  Bro. Vasica is a councilor in the Branch Presidency here in Belgrade.  Pictured here with him are Elder Christiansen from Highland, Ut. and Elder Beaumont from Vancouver, Canada.

#16.  Bro. Vasica and E. Christiansen working in the garden.  We are so excited about this little farm because the whole branch can enjoy the fruits of their labors for years to come as long as they come and share in the labors.

#17.  Elder Densley and little Sariah.  Today was her 1st Birthday!  Isn’t she darling!  We just love this little girl.

#18.  Nikola Stan 1(in the stripped sweater) was ordained to the office of Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood today, April 25, 2010.  It was a really Great Day!

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