Walk along the Danube
April 22nd, 2010 by ron

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We have more pictures to share this week.

#1.  Ron, Nikola, E. Jasper, E. Christiansen, and E. Beaumont after Nikola’s Confirmation in our flat.

#2.  This is a Roma (Gypsy) Grandmother begging in front of the church.  They are there nearly every day.

#3.  Members getting ready to start a Belgrade Branch Farm. 

#4.  Bro Vasica, Nikola Kovic(our Branch Pres. in Belgrade) and I in front of the Vasica’s Apt. Building.  Notice Sis. Vasica’s laundry hanging out the window!  They have 5 beautiful children!  You can read Branch Pres. Nikola Kovic’s conversion story in the April 3 edition of the Church News.  He has a car and is working on getting his driver’s license, but until then, he rides his bike, takes the bus and often hitch hikes to get where he needs to go.

#5.  Nikola Stan was confirmed Sunday in Sac. Mtg.  The branch held a little social for him after church.  Those pictured here:  Peter McMurray, visiting from the states, E. Beus, Nikola Stan, Me and E. Christiansen.  It was a great day!

#6.  Nevena Beric and Lidija Vasica, two of Belgrade’s beautiful young single adults.

#7.  Vera Jovanovic and I.  She served a mission in Florida a few years ago and is one of the very strong members here.  She is a hairdresser and just recently opened her own beauty salon.  She is a Doll!!!!

#8.  Kalamegdon Fortress here in Belgrade as seen from the edges of the Danube River.

#9.  The Danube River—it’s not blue.  New Belgrade is seen in the background.  Belgrade and New Belgrade are separated by the river.

#10.  Having a pillow fight!!!!  I’m not sure who won.

#11.  Ash from the volcano in Iceland has been falling on Belgrade.  The air is hazy and notice the sun.  This was taken from our balcony.

#12.  We had a power outage on Wednesday.  No power—no elevator so we took the stairs down and back up—in the dark–all 11 flights of stairs and it didn’t even kill us!

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  • Mitchy writes:
    May 14th, 201012:32 amat

    DAD…. i can see your desktop in the 1st picture…. Remember: Create Folders, Organize, “A clean desktop is a happy desktop!”

  • matt writes:
    May 19th, 20106:57 amat

    I agree Totally, I dont think he will ever learn. while you are at it please check out my site.

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