Easter 2010 In Serbia
April 6th, 2010 by ron

Happy Easter everyone!  We hope you all had a great weekend with your families.  For us, we found ourselves missing our kids and grandchildren.  We will look forward to next year with them.

#1.  Most people only know a goose egg when they hit their head.  For us this is a goose egg that we could hold in our hand.  We love going to the piaca because there are so many unusual things and wonderful fruits and vegetables.

#2.  A magnolia tree in bloom in the courtyard of the church in Novi Sad.  Pictured here are Nikola Kovic, myself and Goran who just recently returned from his mission in SLC.  He is a native of Novi Sad and a great young man.  Nikola Kovic is the branch pres. in Belgrade and if you will go to the back page of the April 3 church news, you will find his conversion story!

#3.  Ron bribing Suzie with chocolate.  We were invited to their mother’s country home in Titel.  Suzie wasn’t happy until Ron pulled out the chocolate.  He takes her a treat every Sunday to keep her quiet in church.  She loves Bro. Densley!

#4.  Overlooking Titel and the Titel River.

#5.  The Titel  River runs into the Danube River downstream onlyabout 10 miles away.

#6. Bro. Vasica, myself, Ron, Goran and Nikola Kovic, overlooking Titel.

#7.  Easter in Belgrade.  We wanted to have a picnic by the Danube River but opted for this basketball court behind a school in Belgrade.  The day was just too beautiful to waste!

#8.  Ron and Elder Christiansen cracking their Easter Eggs.  They served dinner at the church before conference started on Sunday.  The morning session started at 6:00 pm.  Cracking colored Easter Eggs is a real tradition here even more than it is at home in Utah.

#9.  Elders Porter, Knight and Armstrong, cracking their eggs.  Elder knight always gets a little exuberant!  He crushed his all over E. Porter!

#10.  Elder Knight loves the kids.  He is holding the newest addition to the Belgrade Branch, Luka who is 6 weeks old.

#11.  The trees are leafing out.  Some days we have spring and some days we have winter.  It can’t decide what to do!  This photo was taken near our flat.

#12.  The elders came to our flat for lunch on Monday.  They had just played a friendly game of basket ball.  We had tacos and angel food cake with strawberries and cream on top.  They ate every morsel!

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