Serbian Green House Projects
March 29th, 2010 by ron

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We spent part of the week in Southern Serbia doing greenhouse donations.  It was such a great experience.

#1.  One of the greenhouses was donated to the Leskovc, Serbia Agricultural High School.  The Ag teachers are pictured here with Ron & me.

#2.  This is our donation sticker that we use on the items we donate!

#3.  Inside the greenhouse…..duh!

#4.  Starting some of their own sets.

#5.  This teacher was so thrilled about the high quality seeds and sets that were donated by LDS Charities along with the greenhouses.

#6.  More greenhouse!

#7.  This greenhouse was donated in Prokuplija, Serbia.  (Ron & I, along with the Red Cross Secretary, Dusica, the Principal of the Agricultural High School and the Ag. Teacher).  They were so appreciative of the donation.  The school will grow vegetables and donate them to the local Red Cross to use in their local soup kitchen.

#8.  Prokuplija had the ground all prepared before the greenhouse was installed.  They did a great job.

#9.  The sides of the greenhouses wind up for ventilation as the temperatures rise.

#10.  We donated these sets to the school along with seeds to go with their greenhouses.

#11.  “   “

#12.  These are the students who will be growing the vegetables.  Their instructor is the lady with the white hair in the blue lab coat, standing in front.  The lady on the left and the tall man in the back are from the Kraljevo Red Cross.

#13.  We had a baptism on Saturday night.  This young man’s name is Velemir and he is from Macedonia.  The church is not officially recognized in Macedonia so it was illegal for him to be baptized there.  He had to come to Serbia to get baptized where the church is officially recognized.  I think you can tell that he was extremely happy!

 Velemir found out about the church on the internet and wrote a letter to Salt Lake to learn more.  The church set him up with this couple who are Latter-day Saints working in Macedonia.  They befriended him and he was taught the discussions over skype.  We met him in Ljubljana, Slovenia over New Year’s.  It was a great experience.

#14.  More baptism pics!

#15.  Ron & I with our Serbian Elders & Velemir after the baptism.  We have the greatest elders!!!!!!

#16.  This is inside the Belgrade Chapel after the baptism along with Elder & Sis Lewis.  The Lewis’ are living in Slovenia and serve all throughout our mission working with YSA in Eastern Europe.  (Grandpa Jack, Sis Lewis is a cousin to your neighbor, Linda and Terry Fuller across the street from you.  Have them check out our blog!)

#17.  Many of the people of the branch who attended the baptism.


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