Trip to Bosnia And Herzegovina
March 23rd, 2010 by ron

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We spent the past week on the Road in Bosnia.  We went to Tuzla to do a distribution of winter clothing.  The clothing is second hand things from Deseret Industries and the people are really thankful to receive it.  The container also contained winter boots and shoes and new wool blankets and homemade quilts for babies that are all new and so beautiful!  We thought you might like to see where some of your donations are distributed.

#1.  Tonja from the Tuzla Red Cross helped organize this distribution.  She and I are holding a really nice quilt made by the Senior Citizens Center in Lovell, Wyoming.  Thank you so much for your donations.

#2.  This sweatshirt was in one of our containers of DI  clothing and will surely keep someone warm until the sun comes out again.

#3.Nermin, our Bosnian translator, and I at the distribution.

#4.  This insignia inside this quilt told us where it was made and by whom.  We send our thanks!

#5.Some of the homemade children’s quilts will be distributed through the local children’s hospital.  This sweet little girl will be so happy to receive one!

#6.  Staff at the hospital.

#7.  There is a great LDS family in Sarajevo, the Sombkes.  They are about the only members in Bosnia that we are aware of.  They invited us to their home for the most delicious AMERICAN dinner.  It was awesome!  Complete with homemade apple pie and homemade apple pie ice cream and yes, it had an apple pie in the ice cream!  Delicious!!

#8,9,10.  Soup kitchens are such an important part of most communities in Bosnia.  This soup kitchen prepares 1740 lunches 5 days a week.  The head man here has run this kitchen since the 1980’s  and is a remarkable man.

#11 & 12.This is a mental institution in Bosnia.  We went there to see how we can help them.  They have a need for a greenhouse which we have received approval on so will be presenting it to them soon.  The patients will do the work in the greenhouse, growing vegetables.  The vegetables will be prepared in their kitchen and all of the patients will have a better diet because of the fresh produce.

They have other areas in the hospital where the patients can go to fill their time doing constructive things.  Some of them make wood-burned pictures that were beautifully done.  One of the older men doing a wood-burning said to me “I am an artist” and indeed he is.  Other people sew, making house slippers that are for sale.  They are really nice.

This is the spot where a greenhouse will be located.  Yes, there is still a bit of snow but it is starting to warm up.  Hooray!

#14.  We also visited another town in Bosnia- Zenica.  They have an agricultural school that could use a greenhouse and could produce vegetables for the soup kitchen there.  These are the students who would be doing the gardening.

#15.  This is a Muslim cemetery in Sarajevo.  All of these markers represent a person killed in the most war that lasted from 1992-1996.  There are cemeteries all over Bosnia just like this one.

#16.  A beautiful Bosnian Sunset!

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