Still Winter in Serbia
March 14th, 2010 by ron

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Last Monday we had to make an emergency trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia to retrieve 10 boxes of very important Neo-Natal training materials that were stuck in the post.  Kind of like being held hostage until some hefty customs could be paid.  After we talked to them and showed them some pictures of our Neo-natal Resuscitation training in November, the head man reviewed his guidelines and found a loop hole where he didn’t have to charge us anything.  We still believe in miracles!

Pic #1 is at the post office loading up our 10 boxes.

#2&3.  Repackaging our goods into suitcases so that they could be transported easier.  It was the coldest day I can remember.  Our hands were ice cubes when we got finished.  I put my sweats on under my skirt in an attempt to stay warm.

#4.  Ron, Nikola Kovic, the Belgrade Branch Pres., Bro. Doug Jackson for Utah, & Bro Vasica.  We are attempting to bring a food program to this plot of land (now covered in snow) for the Belgrade Branch.  If it works out, they will be able to plant gardens and grow their own fresh produce.  The land is owned by Bro. Vasica and he is willing to share with the other members of the Branch.  He is a very generous man who is a member of the Branch Presidency.

#5.  Our Belgrade Young Adults.

#6.  Sunday dinner with our Serbian Elders and Nikola Stan who is our translator/ investigator ( in the gray shirt)  And Goran who is a recent returned Serbian missionary from Novi Sad.

#7.  More Elders and Sunday Dinner!  We love our Elders!!!!!

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