YSA & Sabac
March 1st, 2010 by ron

Greetings to all!  On Tuesday we reach our 1 yr. mark for those who are counting!!!

This past week we got our visa’s renewed.  They are good until March 2011.  We spent most of the week doing paperwork and catching up on things that we get behind on when we are on the road.

On Thursday we went to Sabac to visit Ranko.  He is the man who received the Multi-Cultivator to share with his community.  He is thrilled with it and wanted to give something back.  He gave Ron the huge sausage that Ron is holding in one of the pictures.  The sausage is 100% homemade and Ron says it is really spicy!  I wasn’t brave enough to try it.

When we were returning back to Belgrade that night our headlights started having problems.  They only worked on high beam so we drove 80 kilometers with our high beams on.  Every car that we passed on the autoput flashed their lights at us at least 3 times—duh—as if we didn’t know that our brights were on!  We were both relieved to make it back to Belgrade before they died completely. 

Josh, the photo of the homemade vehicle is for you.  Check it out.  Dad got a good laugh!!

On Saturdays we do outreach for the members of the branch.  It is a time for them to come to the church and hangout and have a good time socializing with each other.  This past week they played ping pong, foosball, checked their E-mails on the computer that is there for their use, and worked on a jigsaw puzzle.  We also make treats for them each week.  This week was chocolate chip cookies.  They all like chocolate chip cookies!

Today is Monday and we are just about to walk out the door for a long week on the road.  We will be signing the contract for the Cicevac water project on Thursday.  It has been a long time in the planning stages.

We send our love to all and especially our children and grandchildren.  We miss you. To my dad, grandma Jo and my brothers and sisters, thank you all for your support as well.  Love you lots.

Last but certainly not least, Congratulations to my sister and brother-in-law, Caroline and Dick on receiving their mission call to the Phoenix Arizona Mission!  What a coincidence, they will be moving to Phoenix area after their mission!  We wish them the very best.  We love you guys and are so proud of you.

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  • Jana writes:
    March 8th, 20104:35 amat

    I know that that wasn’t the type of spa that you guy’s were hoping for, ubut it looks like you had a great time there. Leave it up to Uncle Ron to find a way around the rules, =) I bet it was still nice to enjoy the swim.

  • Kristy Sloan writes:
    May 11th, 20102:35 amat

    Hi!!! Ron and Annette Densleys and Densley family!!!Its me Kristy Sloan, How have you’ve all been? I just found out that you had a website, I called your Utah home number and your son answered and I was just calling to see how you were all doing. Me i am doing fine I was living in Tempe, Arizona, But I am moving to Albq, New Mexico with my mom for the summer till school starts back in Phoenix, Arizona. Woah!!! Thats really cool that you are in a diffrent country…Wish i was their…haha. I would like to come visit you all when you get back home to Utah in September…let me know, that would be great to see you all. well you have a great time out their and i am glad that you are enjoying urself out their. Hope to hear from you all.

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