Happy New Year
Jan 31st, 2011 by ron

Sretan Nova Gordina—Happy New Year ( in Serbian).

Sretan Nova Govordina—Happy New Beef!  A phrase Ron used to say when we were in Serbia!!!!!

#1.  We were so thrilled to welcome our dear friend Nikola to the USA.  We picked him up in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.  We showed him a little bit of Las Vegas before heading home to Ivins, Utah.

#2.  This is as close as we got to the strip.  They had it all blocked off for foot traffic on New Year’s Eve so we will have to drive the strip with him later.

#3.   The Stratosphere Casino and amusement park.

#4.   We showed him the inside of a casino and NO, we didn’t gamble. 

#5.  We ate at a famous Las Vegas Buffet.  Nikola had never seen so much food.  It was fun to watch him choose what to eat!

#6.  Snow on our beloved RED MOUNTAIN.  This is what we see when we walk out our front door each day.  It is sooooooooooo beautiful.

#7.  Austin and Madison got a new trampoline for Christmas.  Nikola enjoyed jumping with the kids and Matt.

#8.  Nikola and Ron’s European license plate collection.

#9.  Nikola in Snow Canyon.  It is such a beautiful state park near our home.

#10.  We needed to check on our cabin in Pine Valley but in order to get in, we had to chain up.

#11.  Nikola and the St. George Temple.  Beautiful!

#12.  More Snow Canyon.

#13.  We are so happy to have Nikola living here in Utah.  He is attending BYU and is in the Masters program there.  Great things are happening and windows of opportunity are opening up to him there.  Congratulations Nikola.

#14.  Happy 64th Birthday Ron.  Little Preston had to help grandpa blow out the candles!

#15.  More Happy Birthday!

#16.  Ron ordered steak for his birthday dinner.  Josh and Brenda in the foreground.  Annette, Becca, Matt, Grandpa Jack, and Grandma Jo.  Where is Ron?  Behind the camera I guess.

#17.  We had some mission friends stop by and spend the night recently.  Pictured here-Ron, Annette, Sis. Lyn Justice, Marjene Lewis, and Paul Lewis.  It was fun to have them in our home.

#18.  More Ron Birthday Party.

#19.  Josh, taking Preston’s blood pressure.

#20.  Grandpa Ron playing train with Austin and Preston. 

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