Hospital – Blind Center – ADA
Jan 31st, 2010 by ron

We visited some different places and did something different this past week that usual. 

We visited a home for the blind outside of Pancevo.  They had their own little clinic inside of the home.  This was the staff for the clinic.  Many of the residents have spent their whole lives in this facility because they don’t have anyone else to care for them.

 We were impressed that it was nice and clean and the staff was really nice.  They made Palacinka’s for us in the kitchen and they were delicious.  The elders from Belgrade made the visit with us.  Thanks to these wonderful people who do all that they can to make life better for the blind people there at the home.

We also visited the Hospital in Pancevo and visited their gynecology department and specifically their birthing center.  We went to check up to see how they are using the training they received at our Neo-Natal Resuscitation training in November.  They gave us a private tour of the newborn nursery where there was the most beautiful set of twin baby girls.  They were adorable!  Who would have ever guessed that this would be one of the things we would be able to do as humanitarian missionaries.  It was so neat.

On Saturday we went ice skating for a branch activity.  It was freezing cold, -10 degrees Celsius.  It took real effort to stay warm.  Ron showed his skills as he skated around the outdoor rink.  I was worried that he would fall and break something and end up in a Serbian hospital but because he was so skillful, he didn’t fall and remained safe!!!!!

The skating park was in the middle of Ada, a beautiful park in Belgrade.  There are several skate parks set up around Belgrade and most of them are completely free, as was the ice skating park at Ada.  The beautiful sunset picture was taken across the lake at Ada.

# 4 Staff at Blind Center

#7 Res at the Blind Center

# 8 Elders with us at the Blind Center

# 9 Out Reach Skating Party

# 10 Ice Staking @ ADA

# 11 Ice Skating @ ADA

# 12 Ice Skating ADA

# 4 Res at the blind censter
#1 Pancevo Hospital Staff

# 2 New Bron Babys

Orthodox Nunnary & Ron’s B-Day
Jan 24th, 2010 by ron

Elders Made a B-Day Cookie


Ron & Nikola Going Ice Skating on B-Day

Inside of the Church

300 Hundred Yrs Old Church

We traveled to southern Serbia a couple of weeks ago and visited a monastery/convent there.  The nun who showed us around was really nice.  She is 2 years younger than I am and has been in the convent since she was 9 years old. 

The place was really old but nice and well kept.  There is an old church on the premesis that is around 300 years old.  There is also a new church on the grounds of the monastery that was partially built with funds given them by some people from Chicago.

Ron celebrated his birthday on January 20.  It was a really cold and uneventful day but we did manage to go to a huge park here in Belgrade where you can ice skate for free-including the skates.  Ron and Nikola did a short skate and then headed home to warm up! 

When we got home, the Elders called and had made Ron a GIANT chocolate chip cookie!  They wanted to stop by to deliver some mail which turned out to be the cookie!  What a nice thing for them to do.  Ron is waiting for his B-day present to arrive.  We special ordered a Plaid derby hat that we haven’t picked up yet.  Tomorrow.  He will model it for you next week.  For those who don’t know, Ron Loves plaid.

Nikola Standing in front of fountain

Area around Monastery

Red Cross Leader & Leader of the Nunnary
300 Hundred Yrs Old Church
Sombor Orphanage
Jan 20th, 2010 by ron

Telling them Good Bye

We had a great visit with this group and want to thank the YSA of  Vienna, Austria for inviting us to come along with them .  We are hopeful that we may be able to help them in the future on other projects.

Handing out Blanket

Young Man and is Blanket

Elder Knight & Densleys

Great Young Man

Having Lunch

E. Jasper & E. Knight with children from Orphanage


Unloading the quilts from the van!

Unloading the Van

Children lined up to receive their new Quilt!

More quilts and Children!

Bosnia Presentations
Jan 10th, 2010 by ron














We have had such a busy week.   The Serbians celebrate Christmas on January 7 which is according to the ancient Greek calendar.   We were interested in their customs, one of which is a custom observed with the members of the Serbian Orthodox Church.  On Christmas Eve the male head of household goes out into the forest and cuts dry oak branches with leaves and brings them home.  In the late evening, the family takes the oak branches to the church where they are blessed by the priest and then burned on a big bonfire. Note:  There aren’t any forests close to Belgrade and so peasants from the country side were selling oak branches on the streets.  They were everywhere.

Pic #1.  The oak branch bonfire at the Serbian Orthodox  (Sava) Temple near our flat.  It was raining cars and dogs and the wind was blowing but people were out in mass to perform their Christmas Eve ritual!

#2.  The Sava Temple on Christmas Eve.

#3.  On Thursday we traveled to Sarajevo, Bosnia and back to Tuzla, Bosnia.  We have a neat translator in Bosnia.  His name is Nermin.  He reminds us so much of our Nikola who translates for us in Serbia!  We gave Nermin a Book of Mormon.  He was happy to get it.

#4.  On Friday we participated in a Wheelchair Presentation in Tuzla.  Latter-day Saint Charities donated the chairs through the Red Cross.  The Red Cross is so important to the process because they get the chairs through customs and do all of the distributions to the recipients of the chairs.  This pic is of Ron and I and our wonderful Red Cross Leaders.

#5.  This young girl was so happy to receive her own chair and her parents were so appreciative.

#6.  Igor was such a cute young man who spoke really good English!  We had such a fun time talking to him and he enjoyed practicing his English on us!

#7.  This man really had a great need for a wheelchair.

#8.  This cute little girl had a lot of physical problems.  It is so great to be able to help her.

#9.  This is the home of one of our recipients.

#10,11,12.   More happy recipients!

#13.  The truckload of 250 wheelchairs arrived in a huge snowstorm and had to be unloaded and distributed.

#14.  We had a presentation ceremony on Friday morning, Jan. 7 in Tuzla.  It is great because the media comes and films it all to show on the nightly news and in the local newspapers.

#15.  In the afternoon we had another presentation ceremony in Kalesija, Bosnia of a greenhouse.  We presented the greenhouse to an agricultural high school.  The students will grow vegetables in the greenhouse and donate the produce to the Red Cross who will in turn use it in their Soup Kitchen.  Soup Kitchens are really important here as there are so many people who do not have an income.

#16.  Ron and I with our new friends.  They are the suppliers of the greenhouse and are really great people.  The people on the right are Amir and his wife Deanna and their Uncle on the right.

#17.  These are the students who will be growing the vegetables.  They were out for winter holiday (they are muslims and so don’t celebrate Christmas).  They came back to the school during their holiday for the presentation ceremony.

New Years 2010
Jan 3rd, 2010 by ron

















We are so happy to report that our water project in the city of Cicevac, Serbia was recently approved.  We are so thrilled to be able to assist the 12,000 residents to have clean water piped into their homes.  The project is ongoing and will be completed, most likely, sometime in 2011.

Pic. #1.  Ron and I in the city of Cicevac with the mayor ( he is the one on the right) and some of the city workers.

We were privileged to drive the youth of Serbia to Ljubljana, Slovenia on New Year’s Eve to celebrate with other youth in the church from neighboring countries.  They had  a wonderful time and new friendships always develop from conferences like this.

#2.  Ron, myself, Irena Mitrovic from Serbia and Sis Lewis.  This dessert was served at the conference and it was Irena’s recipe!  It was quite tasty with whipped cream and fresh raspberries.

#3.  This is a couple that has hooked up after meeting at YSA Conference in the Czech Republic last summer.  Marko is an Attorney and is close to 7 ft. tall.  He is from Croatia.  Sonjia is from Albania and she is a Doctor of general medicine.  She is about 5 ft. tall!  Marko joined the church about 8 months ago and Sonjia and her family joined 5 years ago.

#4. This pic just shows the group of youth as they were waiting for their dinner to be served.  They sure were a great group of youth.

#5.  These are the Senior Missionaries that were present at the conference.  The Wilfords from Idaho—near Rexburg, the Thompsons from Oregon, The Lewis’ from California, Sis Justice from Alpine, Ut., and Ron and I.

#6.  All of the Young Adults who attended.

#7.  Our Serbian Youth!

#8.  Christmas lights in Ljubljana were the most beautiful and elaborate we have ever seen.  European cities have an area in their cities that they call center.  Ljubljana’s Center has a river running through it.  It was really unique and beautiful.

#9.  This fountain was located in the middle of Center in Ljubljana.

#10.  As we walked through Center, we found this neat door which is the entrance to the Catholic Church. 

#11.  Inside the Catholic Church, mass was going on.  Notice the Cardinal sitting in the box to the left near the front.  The church was really beautiful inside.

#12.  More Christmas lights.

#13.  These lights looked like DNA and X&Y chromosomes.

Also lights that depicted the universe.  Notice Saturn with it’s rings.

#14.  Magnificent lights!

#15.  Notice the river and more lights.

#16.  On our way home we passed this castle on a hill.  They are a frequent sight in Europe and are so interesting.  We were in a hurry to get back to Serbia and so weren’t able to stop and tour this one. 

Thank you to my brothers and sisters and to my Father for helping to send these great Serbian Youth to this very special conference.

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