Gypsy Camp
Mar 29th, 2009 by ron


Things are going really well here. Yesterday we went to a Gypsy Village to meet their leader. He is a member of the branch pres. here and wants us to donate through the humanitarian arm of the church, some wood working and power tools to help the men of the village. He has donated the ground floor of his house to being converted to a school for the children. The gypsy’s or Roma people as they are officially known are outcasts in this country and their children can’t attend public school until they can already read and write Serbian. It was sure an experience! All of the children of the village came out to greet us, about 30 or 40 of them and they sure were cute. It was dark when we left the village and they all escorted us to the edge of town to say their good-byes. It was a toughing experience.
Today was our zone conference for the mission and district conference for the branch. We were at the church at 9:00 am and got home at 9:30 pm. It was a long day but we were spiritually fed.
On Monday we are driving to Novi Sad to meet with a very important doctor Dr. Grebbledinger. He will help us do some projects and help get the church’s name out there so that the church gets noticed, if you will.
Ron has found a man who works at the docks on the Danube River who wants to take us boating on the Danube. I’m sure you are wondering about fishing–The river is so poluted that you wouldn’t want to sink a hook. Good thought though!
How are you and Penny doing? We send our love,

R/E Densley


E/S Densley with Gypsy Kids

E/S Densley with Gypsy Kids

Gypsy KIDS

Gypsy KIDS

Ron and Annette Densley
Mar 22nd, 2009 by matt


Hello All,

Ron and Annette have officially made it to Serbia and this blog will follow them through their Journey.

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