The Country of Montenegro
Jul 26th, 2009 by ron

We have had such an interesting week this week.  We in Zagreb Croatia on Sunday night and Monday and on Wednesday we flew to Tivat, Montenegro by the seashore.   The Belgrade Red Cross owns a Children’s Resort there and they invited us as guests of honor to visit there with them.  They are having a news conference there about their facility and so asked us if we might like to go.  They gave us the best room in the house and we know that for sure as we were the only ones with A/C and our own bathroom!   We flew out of Belgrade on Wed. Morning and returned on Friday night. We thought we would share some photos of our trip to Montenegro.#1.  Ron spotted this clean one owner and got the itches to take it for a ride!

#2.The people at the Children’s Resort were so kind to us.  This Pic. is with the Head Red Cross Lady, Dragica and Vera, the head lady over the laundry facility at the resort.  She said we were sisters!  She was so happy that our church donated an ironing machine to the resort about 8 years ago and it makes her work much easier.

#3.  Ron and Nikola Stan    , our translator and Serbian teacher, hiked a mountain to see this old church of the hillside.  It was a beautiful view of the bay below and they are wild blackberries along the way.

#4.  Ron was asked to address the group of 300 kids and tell them about ourselves – where we were from and what we were doing at the resort.  They kept asking the leaders about us and so it was neat to be able to tell them personally.

#5Ron and I rented motor scooters and took a little drove of the seaside.  It was really fun.  We tried to get Nikola to ride one as well and he does have a driver’s license but has never ridden a motor bike, so he declined.

#6.  The manager of the resort took Ron out for an evening fishing trip.  Those of you who know Ron know how much he loved that!  The guys name was Moma and he had quite the sense of humor.  He kept telling Ron that if he didn’t catch a fish, they would have to throw him in the sea!!!  Luckily Ron caught a fish!  They were going to fry the fish the next morning but decided to fix us a Montenegrin  delicacy instead.  They take these tiny fish—smaller than minnows, pinch their heads off in a certain way that removes the intestinal tract in the process, then season, flour, and deep fry and then add garlic and other spices and serve.  It was a little frightening at first but they actually tasted good!  It was really unusual to have for breakfast.

#7.  The group of us eating the HUGE platter of fish.  I think Ron and I each had only 5 or 6 fish.  That was enough because you stick the whole thing in your mouth and chew—bones, skin and all!  Fun to have had the experience however!

#8.  A group photo with some of the Red Cross Staff.  They have many paid employees and some volunteer staff members.  They have a Doctor on staff who is a volunteer.  They change periodically, about every 2 weeks and another Doctor comes.  The Dr. who was there while we were was from Serbia as well.  He brought his wife and 13 yr. old daughter to enjoy the resort and the seashore.  I thought Americans were sun worshipers but I can promise you that Eastern and Central Europeans are even more crazy about a sun tan!

#9.  Ron and his fishing trip!

#10. Our translator and Serbian Teacher, Nikola Stan    .

#11.  We flew into Tivat, Montenegro with Dragica and were picked up by Moma and driven to the resort about 20 min from the airport.  We also had to take a short 10 min ferryboat ride to get there.

#12.  I also enjoyed riding a scooter!  People looked at me so funny and I figured out that it is unusual to see a woman driving a scooter!

#13.  Us standing in front of the Red Cross Resort with the Head Red Cross People as we were ready to leave..  The flight to Belgrade is only a 45 minute flight.

We are headed to Sic, Czech Repubic in the morning headed to YSA Conference.  We will leave at 5:00 am.

Ron and I will be the driver of the van with 6 young adults from Belgrade and Sremska Mitrovica.  We will be there until Saturday.  We are going through Freiberg, Germany and taking in a temple session on Tuesday Morning then heading back to Sic after the temple.  We are doing the Germany Temple as it has saved the kids each 30 euro by doing it that way.  Until next week, farewell.

P.S.  To the moms & dads of our Belgrade missionaries, they are all doing very well.  We had them to dinner this afternoon and what great young men they all are.  You can be very proud of them, as I know you are and should be!!!!!

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Annette Riding a Scooter

Annette Riding Scooter around bay

Red Cross Building
Red Cross Building
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